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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Holly Gift Boxes

I was assigned a "job" yesterday. At 11pm. On Sunday night.

It was entirely my fault for waiting until the last minute. Hubby told me two weeks ago that he needed a couple of boxes for the gifts that he was getting for his co-workers and I had been so busy that I had forgotten all about it.

Oops. :P

In a half-panic, I went to the LD site and did a search for "Boxes". For no particular reason at all, I decided on Patricia's Christmas Paper Quilt.

Using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I reduced the image to 65% of its original size so that it fits on the letter-size kraft paper that I was using. For the lid, I used a thick vellum that I bought from my local stamp store. I love the gold and sliver speckles embedded in the paper.

It took me an hour and a half but I made the 5 boxes. Plus 5 tags! The best part was that while I was packing the presents, I realized that the design matched the Starbucks giftcards that I was including with gifts. What a nice coincidence! The gift card envelopes had the same Christmas Holly design as the boxes!

Hubby was pleased with what I did (although I thought that he looked a little too relieved. lol. ) and he happily went to work this morning armed with the presents. Hope his colleagues like their gifts.

File used:
Christmas Paper Quilt Cut Its (SVG included)

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  1. Ah, just in the nick of time! Isn't it great when designs just come together like you planned it all along? That is wonderfully flecked vellum - thanks for showing us!