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Thursday, October 24, 2013

What does the Fox say?

I started today's card as a joke. The school has been playing that awful fox song during P.E. and the kids have been getting a kick out of it. I was going to surprise them by putting a couple of fox cards in their lunch boxes.

My plan fell through when they heard that I was cutting and assembling a fox.

"Oh Mom! You know about the fox too?", they exclaimed.

Yes, my dears, your mother is quite up-to-date with the Billboard charts, thank you very much. By the way, for those of you who have not heard of What Does the Fox Say?, click HERE to see it although I should warn you that once you click the Play button, you can never un-see or un-hear it. *shudder*

Anyway, let's get back to my card. This is what the Silhouette Studio (Designer Ed) virtual mat looks like once I have finished designing it. Even though the card base was printed, I didn't add registrations marks for the Cameo to do the cutting. This is because it is not a shaped card and I could easily cut the rectangle shape with my paper trimmer instead.

Here's the resulting card..

..and the (printed) inside:

Even though the kids found out about my fox card, I still plan on putting another version of these in their lunch boxes. If you promise not to tell the kids, I'll share my secret with you- I'm going to make a "Fish Goes Blub" or "Elephant Goes Toot" card for them.

I bet they wouldn't be expecting that! :-)

Files used:
fox, tree, mushrooms: Owl Goes Hoo and Ghost Goes Boo Cut Its
snail: heavily modified from Z Best Party Cut Its
speech bubble: Talk Cut Its
question mark: LD Boxy Pants font (available only in the School Spectacular Font Set)
inside greeting: LD  Little Buggy
background: Dear Diary paper pack (green with yellow stripes); Frankly Friends paper pack (green tiles); Halloween Town paper pack (orange with white flowers)

plus Corner Chomper


  1. Hi Jin. Love the card and thanks for the fox song link - what a hoot!

  2. Hi Jin! This is adorable! I LOVE all your work and they are the reason why i am hooked to card making. LOL
    One quick question, what paper are you using on this card for the print and cut portion? Thanks!!

  3. WOW, you are very talented and your children give you lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your ideas and how to do them, your instructions are always clear and easy to follow, plus, I love lettering delights prices.

  4. Ha Ha my DD is going as a fox this Halloween and I have more than enough of the song! LOL. Love the card, very inspiring. I have most of these sets so I am thinking more of a hybrid scrap pages for me. Thanks!

  5. Too funny! That song is too much, I'll have to see if my daughter has heard it. Love your card, and I think it's cool how you took 3 papers from 3 different paper packs and combined them and they look awesome!

  6. Love This!!!! But of course I have to ask a question. I as well as many others and of course you have a lot of the LD Paper Packs, sooooooooooo.... Jin how do you find just ther right paper? Do you have them sorted other than just the pack they belong to? I can spend hours just looking for the right digital paper in the LD folder on my external hard drive. You my friend must have a secret!!!!! Give it Up, LOL.... Linda

  7. Jin, You just make me smile and laugh! I love this card and hadn't heard the song yet, but I am betting it's only matter of time before my kids start singing it at their school.

  8. Great surprise idea...they won't expect that and it is even more funny. Great job on the fox card. The video??? I can't believe I hung in for the whole thing ;) but now I know what all the fuss is to figure out why?
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com