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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tutorial: How to make the I Love Candy Corn Treat Box (open-top)

Today's assembly tutorial was requested by a Facebook reader. Ann asks,

There are two boxes in the LD I Love Candy Corn Cut It set and I found out that Ann was having trouble with the one with the open-top (File #2).

The photos below show the assembly process for this box:

1. Start by cutting out all the layers.

2. Adhere together the layers that make the 2 candy corns.

3. Crease the fold lines of the box layer and....

4. ... glue the sides together.

5. Next, glue the bottom.

6. Glue one prepared candy corn to one side of the box.

7. Glue the other candy corn to the other side of the box.

8. Ta-da! The box is finished!

9. Embellish and fill as you please.

Hope that this answers your question, Ann! :-)

File used:
I Love Candy Corn Cut It Project (SVG included)


  1. Jin, thank you for this tutorial. You are always so clear! Lettering Delights should put you on their payroll and include your tutorials in everything they sell.

    I had downloaded this but filed it away not intending to do anything with it, but whenever I see your projects, I'm always inspired. I think I'll be making about ten of these now. Thanks again.


  2. Do you use a trimmer to make the score lines or u use the perforate function in cameo?

  3. Thanks Jin for your post, I admit I was a tad confused too - thanks for clearing it up. I was hoping you might be able to help with the LD Shadow box, I sure could use some help with that one, I'm more than a tad confused with that file *sigh.