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Monday, October 21, 2013

Trick or Tweet!

Costume shopping used to be so fun and easy. When the kids were little, I could dress them in whatever costumes I fancied. Ladybugs, Jack-o-lanterns, peacocks, anything! Then the girls got older and they discovered the Disney princesses, and all that they wanted to be for Halloween was to be a princess. I was okay with that, for after all, who doesn't love a princess?

Then the girls grew up and not only do they not want to be a Disney Princess anymore, they have outgrown kiddie costumes altogether. Costume shopping isn't much fun when nothing could fit you. Kiddie costumes are too small and anything else are either too long or too big. Shopping for Halloween costumes is suddenly beginning to feel more like a chore. :(

I was thinking about the kids' costumes when I decided that shopping for them was too hard and it was more fun to play with my Cameo instead. Using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I made another hybrid card- the card base was print-and-cut while the main subject was cut out of colored cardstock and paper-pieced.

Because the sentiment and card base were all print-and-cut, the card actually came together quite quickly. It was easier to dress the birdie than it is to shop for the girls! I wonder if I could do the same for them- just buy a couple of hats and tell them that they would all be witches for Halloween.

Now, wouldn't that be easy?!

Files used:
Bird: Seasons Tweetings Christmas Countdown Cut Its
Bucket: Zander Play Cut Its
Hat: Veggie Heads Dress Up Cut Its
Background: Halloween Town Paper Pack
Sentiment: LDJ Scarecrow Scrawl font

plus Corner Chomper


  1. Jin - I love this card, and i love how you've made it hybrid. I have a question for you though - how did you get the card shaped like that? Do you have a tutorial somewhere about how to do that?

  2. Jin, cute card. And I really like the technique with the white block out where the cut-out goes. It makes it stand out so nicely. And I agree about the kid's costumes. The problem I have with older girl costumes these days is that they are WAY to provocative. I do NOT want my tween looking like a street walker. So I challenged my kids to figure out cute/imaginative homemade costumes. Get's them on the internet looking at what other folks have done. And then you can get them involved in creating them themselves. And you know, I would really love to see just a kid in a sheet with a couple (or a lot ala Charlie Brown) of holes cut in it for a ghost.

  3. Jin - I love this hybrid card and the hedgehog one you did in the last post. Like Pat above, I'd love to see a tutorial of how you shaped the card and how you put the white area where the pieced bird and the hedgehog go. I am assuming it's using the offset, but I'd love to see a tutorial on it. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. Hi Jin
    Thanks for sharing the card. I really like it. Along with Pat I would like to know how you make the card shape and add the print to it. I have searched your tutorials and you have done other cards like this but I am unable find a tutorial on this technique. A video would be great. Again, Thanks for sharing. K

  5. Just wait till they get to be teens and want a super elaborate costume...I ended up making costumes for my DD for the last two years she's volunteered at a Halloween Hike. Last year was Amy Rose from Sonic the hedgehog game and this year was Merida. Had to sew both LOL Great card, and I am with you, I'd rather paper craft!

  6. Jin, this is such an adorable card! And the hedgehog card from the other day was so cute as well! I agree with all of the previous posters ... it would be awesome to see a video tutorial on this technique! Would definitely love to try making a card like this! Love your blog!

  7. Such a cute card! What a nice distraction from shopping for your daughters! I'm in the same boat, my daughter has outgrown the princess costume and now she wants to be a devil! One thing that's nice is she's using her imagination to figure out how to put the costume together rather than relying on something pre-made. Sooner or later I'm going to have to learn to sew!

  8. Oh the Disney princesses! That is all my kids ever want to be as well. Unfortunately this is the last year my oldest will fit into the costumes from the Disney Store. I don't mind spending a bit more on her costumes because she wears them all the time when we are at home and she is playing. She has always loved to dress up! I guess next year I will have to think about costumes earlier and have my mom run up to the big Disney store at Disneyland and send them here to Utah. Their princess costumes go up to size 14 I believe! Thank you for sharing your adorable card today.

  9. Jin, absolutely adorable! Like the others, I would love to see some more detailed instruction!

  10. You make this look so to see if you made a tutorial that shows everything. Great card. Good luck with the costumes.
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