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Friday, October 18, 2013

More new LD plus a coupon!

Wow wow WOW! I posted last night that LD has some new stuff up on their site (Gravestone Bags, Coffin Boxes, Nuts about Fall) but this morning there are even more!

Many of us have been waiting for the Frankly Friends Cut Its and I'm so happy to say that it's finally available. If you buy the set, don't forget to pick up the paper pack that was also just added to the store.

Besides Frankly Friends, LD has also released the Owl Goes Hoo and Ghost Goes Boo (longest set name ever! lol!) Cut Its and graphics. Click HERE to see all the images in the set as you wouldn't want to miss the hedgehog inside. It's a cutie!

There is also a new coupon for the LD store:

Use the code PickledPeppers to take $3 off a minimum purchase of $10.

Don't forget that today is the last day to grab the free Puzzles Cut Its. The freebie expires tonight!

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