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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hot Air Balloon

After some scary stormy nights the other week, we are finally enjoying some gorgeous sunshine here in Seattle. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and brought the kids out to the pumpkin patch yesterday. It was such a treat to see these hot air balloons in the sky while we were on our way back.

Hubby was so sweet to pull over to the side so I could take a few shots of these balloons and for a few minutes, it was almost like we had our own little slice of the Albuquerque balloon fiesta. Someday, I will take a ride in a hot air balloon but until then, I will keep on fantasizing about it and what it's like to be standing in a basket high up in the skies...

youtube video by hsac4life, song by Owl City.


  1. These are great colorful favorites. We have a few here in Michigan and a festival in Battle Creek! It is rare to see one at our house though.

  2. GORGEOUS picture!!! TFS!
    Jan in Salem, Oregon