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Friday, September 27, 2013

Jin's Button Machine

After my last post, some of you wrote to ask about the machine that I used to make the Halloween buttons. Today I'll share with you the info that you are looking for. Please note that this is not a review but rather, a info-sharing opportunity. :-)

Using LD's Growing Up graphics set.

About 14 months ago, I bought a button machine. My friend, Candi Daitch helped me in the research and we found that button machines were available on many sites, including this site. I ended up buying one from

There are several models of button machines sold on their site but each model can only make ONE specific size of buttons. I settled on the smallest size - the 1" Professional Button System.

This model only makes 1" buttons and it was exactly what I was looking for. Besides pinback buttons and magnets, I had also wanted to make embellishments for cards and hair bows/pony tail holders. The 1" buttons was perfect for those purposes! With the right button parts, you can even make zipper pulls, key chains, and more!

The bundle that I bought from American Button Machines (ABM) was shipped and delivered promptly. As soon as the box got here, we tore into it and wasted no time to play with our new toy. Right off the bat, we made 200 pins for my Hubby to give away at a company product launch and after that, we made another 100 pins for the kids' to give away to their classmates.

My box from ABM included a hole puncher but only 250 button parts so I was really happy that I had also ordered and received 1000 parts from eBay. We were on a roll and it would have been disappointing to run out of button parts. We were having too much fun!

Calendar buttons! (using the LDJ Happy Trails font)

It has been a little over a year since we bought our button machine and we are still happily making pinback buttons, flatback buttons, and magnets with it today. I enjoy making and giving away our buttons but I really love that I have found another way to use my Lettering Delights files. The LD graphics and papers make super cute buttons!

Before you decide to buy a button machine, here are a few things to think about:

- 1 - The machine is costly. On the ABM site, a stand-alone (i.e. not in a bundle) button maker costs almost $200 and it doesn't even come with many button parts (only 15 parts!). In my opinion, don't buy it if you are just using it for your own crafting needs. Even though buttons have been around forever, it is only fairly recently that folks started using them in paper-crafting. What are you going to use your machine for, after the fad passes? However, if you are considering to use it with the kids (think: craft fairs, fund-raising maybe?, school events, etc.), it may be a worthwhile investment.

- 2 - The machine only makes a single size buttons. For example, you can only make 1" buttons with the 1" button maker. Consider carefully the size of buttons that you want to make before deciding on a machine.

- 3 - Do your research. There are many places that sell this machine (manufactured by Tecre) but the prices vary. Check with the difference sites and compare prices to get the best deal. Don't forget to consider the prices of extra button parts (if included) and the shipping fees.

- 4 - HERE is a video that shows you how to make a button with the 1" button maker.

- 5 - I am not affiliated with the American Button Machines company but I'm happy to share today's info with you because we are super happy with our button machine. :)


That's all that I have for you. Hope that answer some of your questions you have regarding my button machine. -)

Font used: LDJ Happy Trails


  1. Jin,
    Thank you for this wonderful informational post!!!! Have a question. What are the parts that are needed to make the metal flatback buttons? Am going to purchase the 1 inch Professional to use in my other business and papercrafting. And I am always asking font names LOL, what can I say. What font did you use to make your calendar buttons? Thanks for all the fantastic information that you share with us so generiously. Linda

    1. To make the flatback buttons, you'll need the shell, the mylar, and the metal flatbacks. Your machine should come with an adapter (a small disc) that allows you to make flatback buttons (as opposed to pinbacks). Also, I can't believe I forgot to add the name of the font! It's LDJ Happy Trails. I'll add that to my post now. Thanks! :)

  2. Thanks Jin! I love the button machine but will have to consider this purchase carefully and make sure we get good use out of it. Thank you for posting information about it, we all appreciate it!

  3. hi Jin, sorry for the second post. Do you have the circle rotary cutter? I watched the demo online and i don't see how you can tell what you're cutting, if it's centered or not?? After seeing your post i've been thinking about this a lot. thanks again!

    1. I don't use the rotary cutter. To cut the circles, I use a hole punch that I bought from the same company. It is very expensive, (the most expensive hole puncher that I've ever bought! lol. ) but it is precise and safe (you can't cut yourself with it) and I don't have to worry when my kids use it. :)

  4. I also wanted to mention, for people who use a digital cutter... I use my Cameo and SSDE to both design and then PNC all my buttons :) Works great!

    1. So when are you going to post about your machine? I'm still waiting to link up. *grin* ;)

    2. I can see how this would work great and thought that my Cameo would work great for PNC to.

      Outside ring 1.313 size inner fill ring of 1 inch no cut with graphic stacked inside then centered no cut here too then group. Then center 1in circle in large circle then group.

      Going to give this a big try as soon as my machine arrives next week!!!!

  5. Hi! What kind of paper do you use to print the images? I love how crisp and bright the colors are. Thanks :)

  6. Jin, your post came at the perfect time as I have been looking at the ABM starter set. The punch you use, is it the one that sits on the table or is it the handheld? Also could you tell me what I need to look for on ebay for the flat back buttons (just 1" button parts?) Are the metal or plastic backs better for scrapbooking?

  7. Thanks for this wonderful informational post. I have a question. Which ebay site did you purchase your additional button parts from. I am really excited about this machine. K

    1. You can also buy button parts directly from They have good prices and quick shipping.

  8. Hi Jin.
    Thanks again for this info.
    Will you please give us a tutorial on how to use the the Cameo and SSDE to make the correct size designs for this Button Machine .Thanks K

  9. I would love one of these machines. But so far, I cannot justify the expense. So for those who are in the same boat I am, take a look at the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio tools. I have many of them & like them. They are not quite the same thing but are much less expensive & come in various shapes (round, oval, heart, square, flower, hexagon) & sizes. You can use them as a flat back button on a card or layout. But they also have additional/optional parts so you can turn them into a charm. And of course, if you're crafty enough, you could add magnetic material or a pin (check bead stores!) to the back. Like I said...not quite the same thing...but a nice alternative if you don't want to spend the big bucks. ;-)

  10. Hello Jin,
    Thank you so much for sharing ! I love your blog and everything you share on it...
    I'm now considering a 1" button machine. Just a quick question - for the buttons you use on your cards, do you use the medallion (plastic) or the flat back (metal) components ? Thanks S.

  11. Thanks SO much for the review! I was looking to purchase this exact machine and feel better about it now :)