Sunday, June 30, 2013

No more Google Reader!

In case you haven't heard, Google Reader will stop working tomorrow (July 1). Those of you who are following me through Google Reader will no longer be receiving my posts but.....there are alternatives!

If you are currently using Google Reader to follow my blog, please switch to another service like BlogLovin' or the new Digg Reader. The process is very simple- just sign up for an account on either site and import your Google Reader. It's that easy! I started using BlogLovin' a few weeks ago and so far it's working out well and I'm enjoying it.

Google Reader will shut down tomorrow. Don't miss any posts from me- please click HERE to start following my blog with BlogLovin'.

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  1. thanks so much for your help today...and the info about google reader! you helped a lot!

  2. I haven't settled on a reader yet. I tried "The Old Reader" but couldn't get an app on my phone (which is often how I read the blogs I follow). A few weeks ago I signed up for Feedly. It has an app but I am having trouble getting them to sync so when I look on the computer it doesn't register blogs I have read on my phone. Thanks for the info on Bloglovin'. Hopefully it will be the replacement I have been looking for.

  3. OMG - I hope I am still able to get your updates, otherwise I will just have to sign up again! In fact,OMG - those Pandi faces are soooooo cute: how do we get the cute file for them? Just their expressiveness is toooo cute and would be great for an accordian card. cute!!!!