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Monday, June 24, 2013

Boom-de-Yada Copper Lanterns

I had to do it. Found a few sheets of copper metallic paper in my pack of American Crafts Foil Cardstock and I just couldn't resist making the LD lanterns with them.

The LD Boom-de-Yada collection was made for the 4th of July. However, by making the Boom-de-Yada lanterns out of copper paper, I can use them anytime even when we are not celebrating Independence Day.

These lanterns are very easy to put together. I even used the negative star cutouts to decorate some extra tealights that I have sitting around. Just wrap some copper washi tape around each tealight and use foam tape to adhere some stars to it and I have a new decorated tealight!

I cut out each lantern at the original size that was imported from the LD file. Each finished lantern measures about 8" tall including the handle, and the body (without handle) is only about 6" tall. The opening on the top of the lantern is just big enough for a tealight to be placed inside it so if you intend to make this lantern, don't reduce the size of the image if you want to use a tealight with it.

The lantern file can be found in the Boom-de-Yada Cut It projects. Click HERE to get it.


  1. So pretty! What a great idea to use the foil papers on this. I always "save" those papers and then rarely use them. Sad!

  2. What a pretty idea. Genious, as always!