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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tutorial: How to make LD's Accordian Lever Cards (Flip card)

LD 's Accordian Lever Cards are similar to the common flipcards or swing cards. When the card is opened, the main image from the card front will flip to the inside. Included in the Great Gift Giving Bundle that LD recently released, is a set of 10 flipcards (Accordian Lever Cards Cut Its) and in today's tutorial I am going to show you how to put together the first card. You should be able to follow the same instructions to assemble the other cards in the set as they all work the way.

1. Cut out all the layers.

2. Follow the score line to fold the card front.

3. On the inside layer, follow the score lines and mountain-fold in the center.

4. Valley-fold the two sides as pictured below. Do not crease the cupcake.

5. This is how it should look like folded.

6. Line the cupcake over the negative cut in the card front.

7. Using your choice of adhesive (I used a tape roller), adhere the left section of the inside layer to the card front.

8. Press down to adhere both sides firmly.

9. This is how the card front should look like at this point:

10. Next, adhere the right sides of the card together.

11. Personally, I find that it is easiest to adhere the two layers by first folding down the inside (darker layer), and followed by pressing the outer layer down on it.

12. When the card is opened, this is how it should look like inside:

13. Here's another view of the card.

14. Set the prepared card base aside and assemble the cupcake.

15. Adhere the cupcake onto the card front and the card is done!

16. When the card is opened, the cupcake will flip or swing to the inside.

Click HERE to get your Accordian Lever Cards. It is also available as part of the LD Great Gift Giving bundle HERE.


  1. great card...great tutorial...x

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Love the card!

  3. thanks so much for this tutorial cute card.

  4. It lovely♥♥♥♥, thank you for this tutorial.♡

  5. It lovely♥♥♥♥, thank you for this tutorial.♡