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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freeze! Put your hands up! {with mini-tutorial}

LD released the new Cops and Firefighters graphic sets last Friday. They already have a Doctor's set on their site and I thought that it was perfect to add these two to their Heroes collection.

I loved the Doctor's Order set (I used it to make this card) and I really wanted to play with the new sets too but which one to use first? The firefighters or the cops? I ended up picking the latter just because.

I had intended to use my Cameo to make a quick print-and-cut card but I ended up cutting the main images by hand because it was faster. I first made a quick patterned card base by cropping the jail image. I have used the same cropping method in my Valentine project HERE and for those who are not familiar with cropping with the Silhouette Studio program, this is what I did:

1. Use the rectangle tool to draw a shape the size of the card front. Make a copy of the rectangle and set it aside. Import and reduce the size of the jail image.

2. Position the rectangle over the jail image.

3. With both shapes selected, apply Object>Modify>Crop.

4. (Optional) Align the cropped jail image with the copy of the rectangle from Step 1.

5. Use the resulting image as your new patterned card front.

This card only took a few minutes to make and I actually didn't even use my Cameo to make it! I printed all the images with my Canon printer, trimmed the card front with my rotary paper trimmer, and cut the other images out by hand. I used my "Crime Scene" Mini tape to add some accent to the card.

I only have daughters and I mostly make girly stuff for them, but I thought that today's card turned out pretty cute. Hope that the little boy who gets this will like it too.

Cops Graphic set

Mini Crime Scene tape

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  1. The doctor set needs a female doctor!