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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video Tutorial: How to Print-and-Cut the LD Flower Party Pinwheels with Silhouette Studio

One of the files in this month's LD bonus freebies is the Flower Party Pinwheels. It is basically a printable with 6 mini pinwheels that the user is supposed to cut by hand.

I printed the PDF file and after cutting one pinwheel out with my scissors, I decided to trace the entire thing with my Silhouette Studio and get the Cameo to cut. Besides the printable PDF, the file also came with the colored images in the PNG format. Perfect for tracing!

Here is the video tutorial that will show you how I traced the pinwheel and prepare it for print-and-cut with the Cameo:


Here is the screenshot of the page that I had prepared and used for print-and-cut with the Cameo:

Here is the same page but with all the Cutting Lines shown:

By using only the cutting lines, I could cut any size pinwheels and with any cardstock that I have.

Here is a 5" pinwheel that was cut out from a pattern paper:

Due to the length of this post (and video), I will not be showing how I put the pinwheels together but the printable PDF that comes with the file includes the assembly instructions. It is pretty straightforward- just fold and align all the corners with the holes together and secure with a brad.

The pinwheel cupcake topper measures less than 2.5" wide and I secured the corners with a button and clear thread. I hot-glued the pinwheel to a cakepop stick but you could probably use a toothpick too.

These pinwheel cupcake toppers are very fun to make and I hope that you will give my tutorial a try and print-and-cut some of these out. It's a lot faster than cutting out by hand! If you have not downloaded your LD Flower Party Pinwheels, just click HERE to get it. To see the other LD monthly bonus freebies, just click here.


  1. Thanks Jin! You make it look so easy! I love your ideas.

  2. Thanks for the pinwheel tutorial ! Got the little pinwheel set !

  3. very helpful tutorial. thanks K