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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Made By Mom" Lunch bag Sticker Labels

Last Wednesday was a big day for the kids. All three girls were scheduled to go on a field trip with their respective classes. Hubby chaperoned the 4th Graders to the State Capitol (all-day field trip!) while I accompanied my 1st Grader to the puppet theater. A field trip usually means that I have to prepare sack lunches and that was exactly what I did for all 5 of us.

While I was pleased that my chicken burgers were very well-received ("Mom! The burger was delicious!"), it wasn't until after yesterday's lunch notes post that I realized I could have had even more fun making these sack lunches. I could have sealed the bags with my own "Made by Mom" labels!

Using Silhouette Studio, I imported and traced the "Moms" from the LD Millions of Mums graphic set. I cropped the images so that only the heads show inside their circles (Object>Modify>Crop). I added the "Made by Mom" wording with the LD Outline1 font.

Once I finished laying out the designs on my virtual mat, I was ready to print-and-cut.

Similar to my make-your-own sticker kits, I used the sticker paper from Staples to make today's labels. The settings that I used to kiss-cut (cutting through the top layer without cutting the backing paper) are: Speed 10, Thickness 18, and the Blade at 1.

I cut out the labels in several different sizes just to mix things up a little. I used the 2" labels for sealing the sandwich wrap, and the larger (approx. 2.5") labels to seal the brown paper bag.

These labels are too late for the field trip lunches but they are so cute I am going to use them anyway. I'm going to stick them on everything! Tomorrow's lunch, their snacks, breakfast, dinner,..... heehehe

Millions of Mums graphic set
LD Outline1 font (available only in the School Spectacular font bundle)


  1. This is so cute Jin! :) I can't wait for my son to go to school and I will be preparing food for him. :) I would do the same next year! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Super to Staples!!!

  3. These are SO cute! Had a go at making my own but the are no where near as amazing as yours! Any chance you might make one of your amazing tutorials for these? Thanks Jin fo your inspiration!

  4. Jin, PLEASE do a tutorial for these... I have parts of the process down, but can't seem to put it all together. Still learning, though, thanks to you!

  5. Hello Jim, how are you, I have a question If do my own boxes and desing in illustrator o any vector program, I need the silhouette desing studio? or I could import my desing to the Silhoutte studio that comes with the cameo? Wich kind of file could I used? Thanks

  6. Hi Jin,
    Thank you for this. I was able to make labels for my daughter's 1st birthday.