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Monday, February 11, 2013

Quick Tip: How to Crop in Silhouette Studio

If you had purchase the LD Printable Valentines, here's a quick tip that will show you how to use the Crop tool to remove the "To" and "From" portion of the Valentine. You can use the resulting image to make a quick Valentine's Day card instead.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Step 1: 
After you have imported the PNG image, reduce it to a more manageable size. I used the Scale tool to reduce the size to 33%.

Step 2:
Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle around the image, making sure to exclude the "To" and "From" portions.

Step 3:
Select both the graphic and the rectangle. Open the Align window, and click on "Align Horizontally-Align Center".

Step 4:
With both the graphic and the rectangle still selected, click on Object - Modify - Crop.

That's it!

The resulting image will be whatever that you had enclosed in the rectangle! You can use this "new" image to make a quick printable card or tag or whatever suits your fancy. :-)


  1. Thanks Jin! Just another way to get more uses out of a graphic!

  2. Grrr I am such a newbie! I cannot wrap my mind around this at all. Can you tell me how you select 2 things at once? I am on a Mac. Thank you!!!