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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kawaii Panda!

My youngest has a panda lovey we call Pan-Dee. So a few weeks ago, when I saw that Kawaii Kalendar comes with a panda svg, I immediately cut him out for a shaped card.

There are 7 layers that make up the panda SVG. I made a card base and put together the card fairly quickly. For those of you who have not made a shaped card before, a tutorial (not panda) can be found by clicking here.

The finished card looked adorable! If I do say so myself. :) The kids all wanted one so I came up with the perfect solution- I got them to make their own. I cut out 3 different sets of pandas and put them into their own ziploc baggies. I gave each of the kids a bag and a glue pen and off they went:

The twins had no trouble putting their cards together but my 1st Grader needed a little help.

Some glue and foam tape later and.....TADA!

A panda's done!

And another....

...and then there were four! LOL!

Gotta love it when I get to keep my card for myself. :-)

To make your own panda, get your Kawaii Kalendar here. (It's on sale this weekend!)

If you have bought and downloaded your Kawaii Kalendar on or before last Friday, Feb 22, please re-download the file. There was a minor issue with the panda cut but it was fixed last Friday.

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  1. Hi Jin. I'm new to the scrapbook world and recently got the Cameo, so I'm still learning. I love your tutorials, they are so helpful and everything you make is sooo CUTE! I was wondering, what type of paper do you use for all your projects? They look to be a textured one?