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Monday, January 28, 2013

non-candy Valentine: Your friendship warms my heart

Disclaimer: Today's post shows the use of Little Hotties Hand Warmers as a Valentine gift idea.  According to this site (from which I buy my hand warmers), these are safe for children (with proper supervision) but use your own discretion if you are giving these to the kids. Be sure to check with the potential recipient's parents that the child knows how to use these safely. You assume all risks of using this gift idea. Instead of these hand warmers, you can use today's idea with mittens, gloves, or even a pack of hot cocoa. Just re-size the template accordingly.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been chilly the past couple of weeks. Like many parents here, I've been sending the girls to school with some pocket hand warmers so that they will not freeze in the cold during recess.

Sometimes when their classmates have forgotten to bring their own, the girls would share. Since February is usually still pretty cold around here, I thought it would be fun to give away these hand warmers to those kids for Valentine. They could use these as a backup when they forget to bring theirs.

Using an SVG from LD, I print-and-cut an envelope to fit the hand warmer. I "decorated" the envelope in the way that I have demonstrated in many of my print-and-cut tutorials. Just drag-and-drop the images onto the virtual mat and resize to fit the template. I used an LD digital paper to pattern-fill. If you have not seen my earlier print-and-cut tutorials, just click here to find them.

I made these for the kids who have been using these Little Hotties hand warmers in school and are already familiar with them. If you intend to use this Valentine's Day idea, make sure that you check with the parents of the potential recipient, that they are comfortable with this gift and that their kid knows how to use it safely. Alternatively, you can also use this idea with homemade hand warmers or even mittens. Even better, put a pack of hot cocoa in place of the hand warmers. Now that is a treat that will surely warm the kiddo up too!

These are the files that I used:
Sentiments Envelopes Cut Its Simple Shapes (file #8)
Eskimo Pie Cut Its
Best Witches Party Cut Its
Baby Z Paper Pack 
Vegetable Soup Cut Its Simple Shape
LD Homecoming Queen font


  1. That is BEYOND cute!! I love this idea. I'm in Southern CA so it's not so cold here, but man, is that adorable. Great idea, as usual, Jin!

  2. I second Julieta's response! These are way cute, might do them with hot cocoa for my daughter's class. How fun!

  3. Very clever, cute and useful too. Great job!
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