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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jones Soda Co.

I was in downtown Seattle the other day. Hubby had ordered some custom-labelled soda a couple of weeks ago and they were ready to be collected. I was going to show y'all the tags that I made for these bottles (designed with Silhouette Studio!) but I took so many pictures of my visit to the Jones Soda Co.'s headquarters that I thought I would share those with you first.

This is Rachel. Everybody say "Hi!!" to Rachel. :-) She is the happiest, friendliest receptionist I have ever met! In fact, she is so nice she even let me look around and take pictures of the office. Thank you, Rachel. :-)

See these pallets of soda? These were placed inside of the office. I didn't notice at first but Rachel pointed out that they are all unlabelled. 

It was really cool to be surrounded by all these Jones Soda. I was so amazed that I forgot to ask if they print the custom labels in this office and stick them onto the bottles here.

Can you tell what are the flavors of these unlabelled sodas? Wouldn't it be fun to play a Name-the-Soda game with these? I'll pick a bottle, drink it up, name it, and if I get it wrong, I'll have to pick another bottle and try again.

If I get it right, I get to pick another bottle and try to name that.....heheh...

Anyways, back at the reception area is a display of fun colored sodas with all kinds of cute labels like these:

and these:

Oh, and Rachel mentioned that their pink Vanilla Bean Soda is the same as their regular clear version. The pink was specially colored for a pink-ribbon event.

For those of you who are into collecting Jones Soda, their Holiday Pack for 2012 includes Pear Tree, Ginger Bread, Sugar Plum, and Candy. I love the unique colors and for once, I may actually drink one of these Holiday releases. They sound so much more appetizing than "Turkey and Gravy" or worse, "Brussels Sprout"!

It was a fun little visit and I hope that you enjoyed it through my pictures as well. As for those bottle tags that I made, I'll show them to you tomorrow but if you can't wait, click HERE to go to my Facebook page. I've posted a picture of my tags and even have a little giveaway going on there. I'll be picking a random winner for a $5 Lettering Delights gift certificate on Thursday so there is still time to enter,  click HERE to check it out and put in your entry now. (P.S. The giveaway is on Facebook only and not on this blog. Please post and put in your entry in the correct Facebook thread.)


  1. That is so cool Jin! I love seeing your pics about your adventures! :)

    1. Thienly, the next time you're in town you should totally get some custom-labelled soda. They make great and unique gifts! :-)

  2. How fun! If I can find them, I might try those holiday flavors. I actually don't like Jones Cream Soda (Root Beer is my fave) but I'm willing to try other flavors.

  3. AWESOME pictures...I pass by Jones Soda everyday on my way to work:)

  4. Way Cool I love soda...makes me want to drive to Washington even more!