Friday, October 12, 2012

LD Friday Freebie {expired}: Little Boo-ligans Bag Toppers Cut It Set PLUS Mega-Monster Bundle SALE!

It's Friday Freebie time and LD is giving away the Little Boo-ligans Bag Toppers Cut It Set for free!

To get yours, just click HERE or the image above. Add it to your cart and check out. You pay $0! This offer expires on Sunday night, Oct 14 so get it before it's not free anymore.

By the way, here's a tip on how to use them. Even though the Little Boo-ligans Bag Toppers Cut It Set are cutting files, you can use it for print and cut. It's a lot easier and faster than paper-piecing, especially when you have a whole classroom full of kids to make these for. ;-)

While you're at the LD site, check out all the new sets that they have released today. I love the Little Boo-ligans and Little Ho-Ho-Ho-ligans! Gotta wonder who and how they came up with these names. Too funny!

LD has also put out 3 Mega-Monster Bundles. If you are new to LD and are interested in their cutting files, consider getting the Mega-Monster Cuttin' Bundle because it is cheap! The bundle includes 46 sets and at the price of $67 for the whole thing, it is even cheaper than the LD Dollar Days sale (that's when LD puts their Cut Its or SVGs for $2 a set.)

The Mega-Monster Font Bundle and the Mega-Monster Scrappin' Bundle are also a great value. The Font bundle includes 25 fonts while the Scrappin' bundle includes 56 graphics and alphabet sets. These are great for print-and-cut!


LD's sister site over at scrapNfonts also has a Friday Freebie for y'all. Click HERE to get 10 free fonts. Just add them to your cart and go through the checkout process to get the links to the downloads.


Enjoy and Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hello!! I LOVE your blog. I have a question. I have a MAC computer and I have only the Silhouette Studio not the design - and I love a lot of the designs on the lettering delights website, but I was wondering if I needed to use Make the Cut for most of the files? And Make the Cut is only on Windows right now.

    1. Hi Janette, You can use Silhouette Studio with LD graphics, fonts, clipart, papers, and even the Cut Its (DXF format). You need the designer upgrade to use SVGs, and the SVG format of the Cut Its. You can also use the Sketches if you have the pen holder for your cutter. The LD Thin Fonts were developed for use with Make-the-Cut and although you can still use the TTF format of the Thin Fonts with Silhouette Studio, you will get the best results with MTC.

      In a nutshell, you can use almost all the LD stuff with the regular (free) Silhouette Studio program with the following exceptions:

      - Thin Fonts are best used with MTC. Each Thin Font file comes with both the .opf and .ttf format and although you can use the .ttf format with Sil Studio, they work the best when the .opf format is used with MTC.

      - SVGs can only be used with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or MTC.

      - Each Cut It set comes included with several formats. You can use the included DXF format with the regular Silhouette Studio but personally, I prefer using the SVG format with my Designer Ed or MTC because they come embedded with colors that I can also print-and-cut with. The DXF format do not have colors.

      For more info on using Lettering Delights products, please refer to this post: Lettering Delights 101


      :-) Jin

  2. Hi Jin, I have just discovered you via youtube, and I think you are amazing! I'm learning so much from reading your posts and watching your tutorials, and your ideas are so inspiring. I have had my Silhouette SD for nearly 2 years and would you believe I have only JUST started using it for print and cut now? I never knew what I was missing out on! I make alot of cards and invitations to sell and until now I've been doing it all by paper piercing which can be a headache.

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post all of this information and all your tips and ideas, I'm as excited as I was the day my Silhouette arrived! I'm upgrading to the Cameo at Christmas and getting the SSDE as well.

    Thanks again, have a great weekend!

  3. Jin - You are truly amazing!! Thank you for everything you do - for the great ideas - and for all the help you give us beginners. You are so generous and thoughful. Thank you -