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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Guy

"FALL" guy. Get it? It's Fall? The owl is falling? hehe...

What was in that coffee that made me feel all punny today? It doesn't matter anyway as it resulted in this punny card that made my kids laugh. Oh, let's get punny away! :-)

The truth is, I really just wanted to play with the Owl-lelujah Alphabet (free until tonight!) and so I did. I used it for the card front and added a frame from DB Journal Doddles. I printed the card and trimmed it with my paper trimmer.

The owl and the leaves, on the other hand, were print-and-cuts. I adhered them to the card front with foam tape and glue.

So that's it! That's my punny card of the day. :-) And look, no candy corn. HA!

Files used:
Owl-lelujah Graphic Set
Owl-lelujah Alphabet
DB Journal Doodles


  1. I love it! It made me laugh to see the owl falling off the card. I was wondering how you used the Owl-lelujah alphabet in SSDE? Do you import it or bring in each letter as a PNG file and place them where you want them? I am still learning all the ins and outs of my SSDE. Thanks!

  2. Hahaha. This is too cute! You come up with the most adorable ideas, Jin!

  3. haha! This is so cute. I love how you used the Y as a tree.