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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pâtisserie Für Elise

***I am currently out-of-town on a family vacation and have limited internet access. If you have emailed me, please know that I am not ignoring you. I will reply to your questions when I return. ***

The 2nd item on the kids’ Summer To-Do list is a trip to the Night Market in Vancouver, B.C. . With 3 weeks left to go before school starts, Hubby finally managed to take a week off work to bring us on a road trip. 2.5 hours northbound on the Interstate with little delay at the US-Canada Border Crossing, and we found ourselves looking for an afternoon snack on the popular Robson Street. Hubby found a nice, shady parking spot on a side street and my eyes fell onto a group of cute Victorian houses. As we walked towards JapaDog, all I could think of was that one little shop behind the trees.

We ended up having Japanese rice bowls and ramen at Gyudonya and we managed to return to the car with 2 minutes left on the parking meter. Everyone got into the vehicle and I asked Hubby if we could check out the shop in the Victorian house.

"Why do you want to go there for? That's a bridal shop!"

There's a dress in the window but that ain't no bridal gown, Dude. I rolled my eyes at him and walked right through the gate.

"The clock just ran out on the meter!", I heard him yelling in the background. I turned back, flashed him a grin and continued walking. I don't know what's in that shop but I must go there. The kids got out of the car and ran ahead of me. They climbed up the steps, looked into the window, and yelled,

"Mom!! It's a PASTRY SHOP!"

I knew it! I opened the door only to find the cutest little bakery in town!

A young lady stands behind a counter filled with pretty treats. She greets us with a cheerful "Hello!" but we were already overwhelmed by the sight before us. Cakes, and jellies, and colorful jars of jam all sit prettily in a display case with rows of macarons. Cute pink boxes in various sizes decorate the wall in a room that is brightly lit by hanging chandeliers. The girl in the shop wears a frilly floral apron.

"Soooooo CUTE!!"

We oohed and ahhed over everything for a few minutes before I remembered that Hubby was still out there. Oops!

I ran out the door and waved frantically at him to join us. He was annoyed but started walking towards me anyway. I guess he doesn't want to be left out after all.

The girl-in-the-apron smiled as I walked back into the shop. Amused, she smiled and then nodded at me. Our display of excitement was a scene that she has seen played out too many times before. When I asked if I could post my photos on my blog, she laughed and said that photos of Patisserie Fur Elise are already all over the internet and the shop is only 1 month old! Guess I'm just a little late to the party.

As we continued chatting, she pointed to the stairs and urged us to go up to the second floor.

"Wait. You mean, there is more?". My eyes widened as I turned towards the stairs.

"We serve high tea upstairs."

My legs couldn't climb the stairs fast enough.

I had to stop myself from gasping with delight as I reached the top of the staircase. The 2nd level is a tea room! It is so pretty up here and there are more ladies-in-frilly-aprons. Sooooo cute!

Everything about this tea room is adorable. I love the chandeliers, the furniture, and the cute aprons. I even love the wallpaper!

As I walked down the stairs, I was filled with regret. Why didn't I walk into this shop when I first saw it? I could be having high tea here in this pretty room instead of a mediocre bowl of ramen noodles! Sulking, I walked back downstairs and back into the pastry shop to take a few more pictures.

There are cute jars of sweets on the shelves....

...and then there is that pretty window display.

Meanwhile, Hubby and the kids were so taken in by the charm of this shop they couldn't leave without buying something. The children each got a slice of a jelly cake thingy (I can't recall the actual name. :P ) while Hubby bought all three flavors of dacquoise. I wanted him to get the macarons but he thought macarons were too girlie. *roll eyes*

As for me, I ended up not buying anything for myself. We are headed to Whistler and will be back in Vancouver later in the week. Hubby doesn't know it yet but I'm already scheming to come back here for tea. *wink*


  1. Oh, my! What a wonderful looking place! I definatly think that high tea is in order! After all, when on vacation, shouldn't everyone get to do something you may not have a chance to do otherwise?

    1. Boo...I didn't get to have tea there after all. We were in B.C. for only a few days and we had to head home without going back to the shop. It didn't help that the store is not opened on Mondays and Tuesdays. Oh well, I'll just have to find an excuse to go back to Vancouver. :)

  2. Simply lovely!! If I'm ever up that way I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. On my wish list! How wonderful! The colors are just lively

  4. Oh Jin!!! You always find the neatest places on your adventures!!! What an amazing find....everything looked so pretty. The store owners sure does have an artful eye! *sigh.
    Thanks for sharing sweetie!! (pun intended LOL)

    I just went to the link you posted for the pastry shop. As I was reading the name of the shop, I recalled that Fur Elise is the song that my hubby always requests my DD play on the piano. At that moment, I heard the song playing softly...thinking its a digital recording coming from the website, I see that my volume is muted on my laptop. huh,what??? Then I realize it's coming from the GMC truck commercial on the TV!!! hahahaha....what timing is that?!
    Okay....that means one thing to me....if I can't be there with you, lol, you MUST go back and have a goodie for me. When you go for high tea, raise a delicate treat in the air with your girlies and say "this bite is for Kathy" LOL
    unbelievable. ***my son was in the room when this all happened, just so no one says I'm losing it! ;)

    1. LOL! That is CREEPY, Kathy! I didn't get to have high tea this time but the next time I'm at the shop, I'm definitely raising a macaron for you. ;-)

  6. So jealous of you! I live on the east coast and will probably never get to the west coast! Oh, I could die, to have tea there! I would be a dream! So glad you took picture so I could drool over my key board.. er, now m ke boa d is ac ing u ...

  7. THAT is one amazing little shop, how could you eat the desserts they're SO beautiful! I'm with you on the macaroons...coconut and chocolate.

  8. Wow, I need to go there! I'm gonna tell my sister in Vancouver about this place - looks amazing! Great find!