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Monday, July 9, 2012

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to make Magnetic Bookmarks with Silhouette Studio using Print-and-Cut

So when I posted the Princess Backs freebie I wanted to post this tutorial along with it, but packing for a weekend trip out of town stalled it. Well, we're back and I just got this done. :-)

The steps for this tutorial are similar to the one that I made for the print-and-cut cupcake toppers, with one exception: instead of using 2 front-views of the image, I used one front-view with one back-view. You can purchase the princess fronts by clicking here, and download the FREE princess backs from the post here.

As this is a print-and-cut project, I used Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE) instead of Make-the-Cut (MTC). This is just my personal preference. You can certainly print-and-cut with MTC too but with a different paper orientation.

Part I: Using SSDE for print-and-cut.

The first part of this tutorial is in the following video. I will show you how I used SSDE to prepare the bookmark for print-and-cut:

Part II: Assembling the bookmark.

Once the bookmarks have been prepared in SSDE, print the page with your color printer.

This is how my printed page looks like:

For added durability, I adhered clear Con-Tact paper to the page before cutting the bookmarks out.

I rolled a brayer over the Con-Tact sheet to make sure that it has stuck well to the printed cardstock. By the way, I only covered the printed bookmarks with the Con-Tact paper and avoided covering the registration marks. You know, just in case that messes the Cameo up when it tries to scan for the reg marks.

I set the blade to 4,...

...loaded the mat and Con-Tact paper-covered printed cardstock into the Cameo, and click the "Send to Silhouette" button (or File>Send to Silhouette) in SSDE.

I set the Speed to 3, and Thickness to 33, and followed the instructions to cut the bookmarks out.

Here's the loaded page pre-cut, and....

 Ta-da! Here it is all cut out. *happy dance*

So beautiful when they are all together!

Next, I loaded a blank sheet of cardstock into the Camoe and in SSDE, I clicked "CUT"  (without printing the princesses again)

Here are the "blanks":

I had bought some of these small Basic Grey adhesive-backed magnetic discs from sometime back and they are great for this project.

To put together the bookmark, you need a "blank" cut out, a printed cut out, and a set of small magnetic discs.

First, place the 2 magnetic discs together, and affix one side to the back of the printed bookmark.

Remove the backing paper of the other disc and fold the bookmark so that the disc is affixed to the other side.

Sticking the magnets to the bookmark this way ensures that they will always "meet" when the page of a book is placed between them.

Open the bookmark. It is easier to separate the magnets by sliding discs sideways than pulling them apart.

Apply glue to the printed bookmark and....

...affix the blank cutout over the magnets. Score the center, fold, and....

..your bookmark is done!

Affix the magnets and the blank cutouts for the other princesses in the same way to get these:

Are they pretty or what?! So easy to make, right?

By the way, in case you are wondering why I didn't use printable magnet sheets to make these bookmarks, well, I did but they didn't work as well as the discs.

Now, go try this tutorial out and make your own bookmarks. Don't forget to share a picture of yours on my Facebook wall. I always love looking at your creations that are inspired by my projects.


  1. If you could buy only one die cutting machine what would you choose? I would like to get one but it gets a bit confusing with so many available.

  2. Oh I love these!! Two things on my shopping now... Contact paper and magnetic disks!!!

  3. Great tutorial. Wish I knew how to do this earlier as I read a lot and have purchased quite a few magnetic bookmarks. I've switched to e-books now though. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing!

  4. Jin,
    That project is ROCKTACULAR! Holy cow! I love it!
    Super Hugs,

  5. I love your tutorials. You are very talented. I just got a Cameo a few weeks ago and this blog has been my source of inspiration. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I've been having trouble with the print and cut and realized I wasn't doing the offset. Also, my printer doesn't always print the entire registration marks (it can miss part of one of the L marks).

  7. Where can we find the fronts of the princesses?

  8. Hello Jin,
    Great tutorial and I was inspired to make my own superhero-themed bookmarks!
    But one question, what type of paper did you use here? It seems that it is thick, is it cardboard?

    1. I used regular cardstock. It looks thicker probably because I had applied the clear contact paper to it prior to cutting the bookmarks out. :)