Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A note to my readers regarding the Cutter Review Page

Hey Everyone, 

To those of you who saw my FB posts this morning, thank you for all your support. I started the Cutter Review Page during a time when many of us had chosen to support a 3rd party software over a popular electronic cutter brand. At that time, there was a severe lack of information about the different kinds of electronic cutting machines that are available on the market. My intention was to offer my blog as the venue for people to post their honest reviews of their cutters. I thought that this would help my fellow crafting friends in their research as they try to find an alternative machine that they can use with their 3rd party software.

It has been over a year since that page was started but that focus has not changed. Even though many of us have found a replacement cutter, there are many others who are still looking and doing their research. I am keeping these review pages on the blog as I believe that it is a valuable resource for them.

I have turned down all requests to remove the negative reviews in an effort to give you a place where you can read about both the pros and the cons of a cutter, as experienced by an actual user. In my experience, there is no such thing as an ideal machine that can satisfy every crafting needs of every crafter. There are both positive and negative sides to all cutters. You have to figure out which one best suits you and which flaw or limitation you can live with. For example, I love my Cameo because it can make great cuts and precise print-and-cuts with cardstock BUT it cannot cut heavy chipboard. I am okay with that because I don't use chipboard.

I believe that it is important for my audience to learn about both the good and the bad of the cutters so that they can make their own fair assessments, and decide for themselves which one will best suit their crafting needs and their budgets. If you are in the market for a cutting machine, I hope that you are taking advantage of all that information that has been posted by our crafting friends. You can read their reviews by clicking HERE.

If you own an electronic cutter and would like to share your experience with us, please know that I welcome all reviews, regardless of whether they are positive reviews or negative ones. I only ask that you post on the correct cutter review page and try to refrain from being rude. Any reviews that are rude or posted on the wrong cutter page will be moved or deleted.

Thanks again, everyone. Your support means a lot to me and it is comforting to know that my efforts are not in vain.

Thank you so much! 

 ~ Jin


  1. Hi Jin, Thanks for having these reviews as they helped me to choose a Silhouette Cameo to purchase. I love the way it cuts! So precise.


  2. thanks for everything you do Jin. I'm sorry the manufacturers are putting pressure on you, I'm sure I read where they were willing to address the concerns on your blog.

    1. oops, that should have read, "where you were willing to let THEM address the concerns on your blog"

  3. You blog and information helped to me purchase the cutter that I now have. I found it very informative and thank you for having it!! Micki :)

  4. It's awesome, Great valuable article. I search for this kind of information from many time. And you help me to stop my search. Thanks so much for this.

  5. The information you share is awesome. I am so thankful that you share your time and your awesome talent with us. Keep up the fantastic work Jin.

  6. You rock, Jin! Believe me, there are a multitude of current electronic cutter users AND non-cutters out there that soak up your every post. It's important in the world of hyper marketing and "friending" to show the bad side as well as the good and we applaud you—and everyone else who has something relevant to the discussion. Cheers to you!

  7. Thank you Jin for standing for the TRUTH! We need more of it in this world! All cutting machines have good and bad points. I recently upgraded to a Cougar machine and I'm pretty happy with it although sometimes it's intimidating. When I have a little more experience with it I'll post my review on the Lynx page if that's ok. Thanks so much for your inspiration. Your blog is the one I come to EVERY day!