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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not Stick People: The Stringbean Pets and Accessories

If you have bought or looked through the individual sets in the Stringbeans bundle, you may have noticed that several images are not "stick people-like". I love it whenever Lettering Delights sneak in one or two "bonus" in their files and I was quite excited by some of my finds in this Stringbean collection.

I went through every set in the Stringbeans bundle and found some pretty cool "Easter eggs". I LOVE that elephant in the Amusing Stringbeans set and I *heart* the dolphin and seahorse that were "hidden" in the Swimming Stringbeans. There are quite a few more of these "bonuses" and I have put together in this post all the images that are not quite stick people. In the following list, I have included all the animals from all the Stringbean sets plus the entire Cupcake Stringbeans. I have excluded the Monster Stringbeans since they are "monster stick people" but I did include the animals from that set. I have also added to the list the Stringbean accessories like the golf cart, basketball hoop, etc.

All images below are clickable. To find out which set an image is from, all you have to do is click on it and you will be linked to that set on the LD site. There are over 50 images listed below and if you should come across any linky errors, or any non-stick people image that I had missed, please let me know so I can make the necessary correction.




  1. Thanks Jin, Love it all but dang I was hoping for a hedgehog ...sigh the dilemma of having an unusual pet. Maybe you could suggest some unusual pets for another set? ;) Can't wait to see your projects.

  2. Jin, I can't find the "Easter Eggs" Have looked and looked.

    Thanks Linda