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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jin's Color-Your-Own Notecards

It's the first day of Summer Break and the kids are already bored. We had made plans way before the break started. Lots and lots of plans. We were going to the park, the girls were going to ride their bikes everyday, we have new gardening tools and we were going to plant lots of sunflowers, we were going on a picnic, etc., etc. The Seattle rain showers and 50-degree temperatures made it hard to stick to our plans. Seriously, the weather here has been unseasonably cool and I'm finding myself making lots of adjustments to our vacation schedule.

Still, I'm not about to let the kids stay bored for long. The girls are always keen to join me in my papercrafting and when they saw my previous Stringbean project, they asked to have their own stick people cards. Why give the kids ready-made cards when they can make their own? I'm giving them some of these "Color-Your-Own Stringbean Notecards" kits instead.

These kits are similar to my Make-Your-Own Princess kits but they are ridiculously easy to make. All I did was to print out a couple of the LD Stringbean people on 3"x4" notecards, packed a few of them into each baggie, and sealed it with a printed bag topper. To complete the kit, I also added some mini colored pencils that I found from a local Japanese bookstore.

These kits are not only easy to put together, they are also very simple for the young ones to use. This is especially so for the younger kids who had found the Princess kits hard to assemble.

According to the weatherman, tomorrow will be yet another cold and rainy day. I have already lined up a list of "Rainy Day Fun" stuff to do with the girls but I really want to give these kits to them first. Can't wait to see what they think!  *grin*

LD files used:
Holiday Subway Art paper pack for the bag topper.


  1. OMG...what an awesome creation Jin. Love the idea. Thank you for sharing

  2. These are absolutely genius!! Love them and will definitely have to print some out for my boys to color! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. What a fabulous idea!! I love how you packaged them too, so professional looking!

    I hope the rain clears up soon and you will be able to enjoy some sunshine. :)

  4. Call me stupid, but just how did you print these out on 3x4 notecards? Does your printer allow for paper that size? Or did you print on larger paper and then cut them down? I haven't done any print and cut and am totally ignorant as to how to do this. Sigh

  5. the papers you are using look great...could you pls inform us where are you buying these papers or what kind of a paper are they ? thanks