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Friday, June 8, 2012

How to make Plant Markers with vinyl scraps

If you use vinyl, you may have pieces of scraps that are too big to throw out and too small for your wall decal projects. Here's an idea that may help to use up some of those scraps. Make plant markers!

My local grocery store has basil for sale this week. 3 pots of basil for $5? Yes, please! Every pot of herb should have their own marker and even though these came with a paper one, I prefer adding another that will label the plant more clearly.

To make these markers, I used
- black vinyl
- craft sticks
- 18 gauge wire (I got mine from Michaels' floral section)
- pliers

I decided to use the Bleu Basil SVG set for this project because it is one of my favorite LD sets. I used it to make this wall art and these framed cards. I like the font a lot and from my past projects, I know that it will cut well on vinyl. It also helps that the names of the herbs are already there. If you don't have the Bleu Basil SVG set, you can use any font but make sure that it cuts well.

To make the marker, first cut the name of the plant out on vinyl. I imported the SVG and deleted away the main image as I only needed the word portion. Since my piece of vinyl was small, I loaded it into the Cameo on a mat. I used the setting of Blade 1, Speed 10, Thickness 10. While these settings worked for me, I have noticed that some Cameo owners use different settings to cut vinyl than I do. You may want to test your settings on a small area before proceeding with the project.

Once the vinyl has been cut, transfer it onto the craft stick, trim the ends with scissors, and punch a 1/8" hole with the Big Bite.

 To make the wire holder, bend it twice as illustrated above and trim it to the required length.

Hang the wooden tag on the wire holder and the plant marker is done!

If you have more than one of the same plant, you can use one vinyl cutout to make two labels. I used the Staz On inkpad and a sponge dauber for this.

Using the sponge dauber, color the tag with the inkpad. Once the ink is dried, remove the vinyl carefully (I used tweezers!) and place on a 2nd blank tag.

Voila! Two markers from one vinyl cutout!

This is a great project for the beginner vinyl user. These plant markers are very easy to make but I love that I can use my scraps for this. They dress up the herbs nicely and clearly label the plants. There are no more excuses for Hubby to get my herbs mixed up! Ha!

I enjoyed making these plant markers so much, I may need to go buy more herbs just to label them. If you have any vinyl scraps, do give this tutorial a try.  Don't forget to let me know what you think. Happy cutting!


  1. Will these weather outside very well? Would be a great way to label the colors in my iris bed.

    1. I don't really know as I just made these yesterday and my herbs are kept indoors. If you make these, could you come back to let us know if they worked for you? I would love to know. :)

    2. if you add a coat of clear sealer they should.

    3. Good idea, Holly! I may just have to give it a try. Thanks! :)

  2. ohmygosh! These are SO cute! Def going to break out the vinyl and try them.

  3. Silhouette Premium Vinyl is designed to last outside for 3 years. I'm surprised you got the edges so straight and nice with scissors. Thanks for the info, this is great!