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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sketching with the Silhouette Cameo and SSDE

So my Cameo has been drawing the Rustic Sketches with Make-the-Cut (see this post) but what about the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition? Can it do the same with SSDE? Some of you wanted to know and I was curious so I gave it a try. I imported the SVG into SSDE, loaded the cardstock into the cutter, hit "CUT", and held my breath. 

The Cameo started moving and....

... can it be that it is actually sketching?


Check out that wheelbarrow, bay-beeeee! Woo hoo!

The Rustic Sketches are SVGs so when using SSDE to draw them, treat them as you would any Lettering Delights SVG. In other words, before hitting the "Cut" button,

 1. Import image onto the Virtual Mat
 2: Right-click and UNGROUP.
 3: Open Cut Style window and set the cut lines to "CUT"

Similar to my previous project, I used the Chomas Marker holder with a modified Sharpie Liquid Pencil to make this sketch. For the blade and speed settings, I selected what was preset for the Silhouette Sketch Pen, or Speed 10, Thickness 10.

It was interesting but I did notice that the Cameo made a couple of short pauses as it drew. That didn't affect the end result at all and the sketch looked as good as the one I made with Make-the-Cut.

So what do you think? Isn't it beautiful? Get your own Rustic Sketches now!


  1. I just discovered your blog yesterday. I'm thinking about getting a Cameo and have found your blog really interesting. Thanks for all the info you share. This sketching is pretty neat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW!!! This is so awesome!! It is amazing the things the cameo can do!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. These are fab, i've ordered the pencils and was wondering of you can colour the sketches in after with alcohol pens?

    1. You can definitely color the sketches in. In fact I was going to post a picture of a colored sketch that Doug made. I'll put it on the blog soon. :)

    2. Just wanted to add, I have not tried coloring in with alcohol pens. Doug colored his with pastels. If you give it a try can you let me know how it goes? :)

  4. Jin,

    I am interested in a better camera for taking pictures of my projects and stuff...

    What kind of camera do you use?

    Blythe Starkie

  5. Wow! How great is that?!?!?! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  6. This is fabulous news!! Thanks for following up and trying the sketches using SSDE. They look great, and it opens a whole new world!

  7. I'm guessing that this works the same in SS right? I'm going to buy SSDE but not until they have a killer deal on it.

    1. These are SVGs. So since SS can't import SVGs, you will need to use SSDE. I have not tried using Inkscape to convert them to DXF to open in SS.(as shown here:

      In theory it should work. Do you have access to the sketches from your teachers' sub? If you do, you should give it a try and see if the DXF method works. I already have SSDE installed on my laptop so I can't go backwards to check if the converted DXF will open in SS.

  8. curious if the sharpie brand fine tip pens/markers will fit in this holder???

  9. Hi! I love your blog I discovered few month ago and I love your creation, can you please tell me if I need the svc

  10. Thanks for finally writing about > "Sketching with the Silhouette Cameo and SSDE" < Loved it!

    My site; cartoon art

  11. Dear Jin Yong,
    hope you can help me. I'm sitting here since hours now and try to make sketches. The Cameo is sketching, no question. But sadly I cannot find out how to do that there is only ONE line. I tried to make my own sketches from pictures I scanned. But however I try it makes everytime the red line around the black lines of my picture instead of drawing direktly on it. Is there any way to solve this problem?
    Yesterday I bought the SSDE just for this one task....

    Greetings Jana

  12. purchased the rustic designs last week and downloaded to my computer, I tried to import them to the silhouette library and got an error message that the file is not supported. anyone out there know what ive done wrong?