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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My 5-min cards

It's the 2nd Monday of the month and I just wrote a check for the milkman. He'll be coming by later with today's order and I'm supposed to pay him for last month's delivery. I almost always include a card with the check but when I opened my "giveable card" drawer, it was.....empty?! 


I'm out of simple cards and I don't feel like paper-piecing today. 'Guess I'll just have to stamp something out .

No card is quicker to make than a 2-stamp card. Fine, maybe a 1-stamp card but I was happy with how this turned out. I had just bought that chevron stamp too. So pleased that I'm already playing with it. Most of the times I just put my new stamps away and forget all about them.

As soon as I finished making Ron's card, I figured I'd make next month's card too. After all I already have all my inkpads and other "stamping gear" out. So I took out my new stamps from Hero Arts and Unity Stamps and took 5-minutes to make another card. Yay! 

As I sat in my den grinning and admiring my 5-minute cards, I heard a truck. 

"Wow. UPS is late today." I thought. I went to the door to pick up my package only to see the Smith Brothers truck driving off. 

Nooooo! It's not UPS! It's Ron! He came early, filled up the milk box and left! And my card is still on my desk! 


I can' believe I missed him. So much for making him a card. Guess I'll just have to hand it to him next week.....


  1. Typical! At least you've got some more beautiful cards ready x

  2. gutted! how nice of you to make a card for him. i should have some ready for my poor postman. lol

  3. Your cards turned out really cute...who would've thunk it??? you are very talented girl!!!

  4. Awesome cards Jin! Love how adorable they look....quick and easy! Got to love those!!

  5. Great cards! Bummer you missed hi. But I'm sure he'll like it next week just as well!

  6. I love 5-minute cards! Using your stamps is a great idea for a quick card, and yours turned out wonderful!

  7. How do I shift select only the edge of the picture? When I open the image, it opens with no background, but when I select the move, he selects the image as if in a frame. I do not know how to select the outline of the figure, the edge. help me?

  8. Cute cards!!! Milk Delivery???? I haven't seen or heard of that for years(40+++ YEARS!!!!). My 2 kids(both are early 20's) have NO idea what a Milk Delivery man is!!!! LOL

    Where do you live that this service is available(country, small town,etc.)?

    I remember the milkman delivery when I was a kid but my favorite was the Bread Delivery truck! He had all kinds of goodies, and bread. He came by every day after school. Where has the time gone ...

  9. This is super adorable! You are just the sweetest person I know Jin! You are nice to thank your milk man! I would deliver milk to your house for those nice thank yous! :)