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Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Thin Fonts info and Q&A

Since Thursday's launch of the new LD Thin Fonts, I have come across many questions about the new product and I've also gathered more info about them. Here are some of the popular questions:

Question: Do the thin line fonts work with the Cameo using Studio software? 
Question: Can they be used with SCAL3? 
Question: Can I used these with Inkscape?

Each Thin Font set comes with the .opf file AND also a .ttf version. You get BOTH when you purchase the set. Just download the zipped file (.zip) instead of the .opf.

Note that while the .opf file has to be used with Make-the-Cut, you can use the .ttf version with any program including Silhouette Studio, SCAL and Inkscape.  Since True Type Font (.ttf) files require closed paths, the .ttf versions are really outlines or "faux single strokes". The letters in the .ttf files are thin and you can use them to write/draw but they are not as thin as the ones in the .opf files.

Amy Chomas tried out the .ttf Thin Fonts with her Silhouette Studio and had some interesting results. Click HERE to see what she has to say about her tests.

Question: Can these be used for rhinestones?

I love this question! And thanks to Maxine and MeFlick of the MTC forum for mentioning rhinestones because I didn't even think of using the Thin Fonts for that. I don't make rhinestone projects very often but I had to give the idea a try and I came up with this:

The design on the left was put together with the LDT Simple Thin Font (.opf) and the LDT Farm Friends Thin Font Doodle (.opf) in Make-the-Cut. The design on the right is what I got after applying the MTC rhinestone tool (right-click on image> Shape Magic>Rhinestones). What a brilliant idea to use the Thin Fonts for making your own rhinestone templates! I may have to start a rhinestone project just so that I can do this. Anyone knows where's the best place to buy rhinestones? ;-)

If you have any questions or ideas on using these Thin Fonts, feel free to comment or post on my Facebook wall as I would love to hear what you are making with them. These single-stroke fonts are amazing and I love how it has brought our creativity to a new level. Thanks, LD for another great product!


  1. Thanks goodness these can be used with my Mac/Cameo/SCAL3 trio! I was so upset when I first saw it posted that they could only be used with MTC software...this is such great news now!

  2. Hi Jin,

    Thank you so much for always being so helpful!!! :) I love your tutorials!

    I have a question. I am making invitations for my daughters 8th birthday using Lettering Delights' Slumber Party. I cut out the svg's for a sleeping bag and a bath-robed girl laying on it.

    Now I am trying to print the logistics (time, place, etc.) on the back of a sleeping bag (the long one, that the little girl dolls lay on). I learned from your tutorials how to print paper and how to print & cut a graphic. I am having trouble learning how to print words (the party information) within the svg cut using MTC (Make the Cut)!

    Please advise!

    Thank you so much,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com