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Friday, March 16, 2012

How to use the Mad for Cards Super Bundle.

The Mad for Cards Super Bundle is made up of 300 sets, of which 280 are printable PDF cards. Since the previews of the cards are very small on the LD site, let me show you some pictures of how a couple of the cards look like:


To make the card, just open the PDF file, then print and follow the instructions to trim the printout. Fold and you're done! Now that's what I call a quick-card!  If you like, you can glam it up by adhering the printed inside layer. If you are sending a gift with your card, you can even use the matching tags with it.

The Mad for Cards Super Bundle also includes 20 sets of PNG graphics. Inside these sets are the designs elements used to make those 280 printable cards. Each PNG graphic set contains 64 to 97 PNG files each. What this means is that there are over 1500 graphics that comes with this bundle. To be exact, there are 1503 designs (I counted! lol. )

My first thought when I saw the PNG sets was, "Why are there only 20 graphic sets when there are 280 cards? Shouldn't there be 280 PNG sets?" Well, as it turned out, LD had made it so that each of the 20 graphic sets actually includes the designs that made up several cards. For example, the set PNG1 set contains the design elements for the "B is for Baby, Boy Card", the "B is for Baby Girl Card", "It's a Boy, Train Card", "Mom Argyle Card", etc.

With so many cards in the bundle, there really is a card for almost every occasion. Birthday, Apology, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, you name it and chances are you will find a card for it in this bundle. Here are some of the printable PDF cards that I have printed out on Thursday. I did not do anything to them other then to print, trim, and fold.

The card above is from the Sorry to Bug You Ladybug card set. The large ladybug that is in the foreground comes from the PNG 19 graphic set. I print-and-cut it with Make-the-Cut and my Cameo.

The next card is from the Happy Bee day card set and followed by a card from the Late Birthday Spaced-Out set.

Since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, I just had to make this card from the Everybody Irish set.

Using the PNG sets, you can also create your own cards or other projects. Should you not be able to find a card that fit the occasion, you can design your own card using any one of the 1503 PNG graphic images. Just trace and print-and-cut with your electronic cutter. Basically, just use these graphics the same way as you would with any of the other LD graphic sets.

Using MTC's Alpha Tracing to trace a PNG image.

While I usually use the Silhouette Studio program for my print-and-cut projects, I like that Make-the-Cut's Alpha-Tracing capabilities make really quick and clean traces.

To print-and-cut the PNG images, I import them using the Alpha-Trace, while making sure the boxes for Texturize Path, and Blackout Path are checked. Next, I added a shadow layer to each imported image.

I printed the designs and the registration marks, load the mat, and cut.

Even though I have print-and-cut countless time with my Cameo, it still thrills me to see the cuts that it makes. Gotta love when it  makes printing-and-cutting so easy!

Now that the cutouts are ready, I just had to make a card. How about this.....

Ta-da! It's a print-and-cut shaped card!

I used the LD This and That font to print the greeting. The patterns on the words as well as the blue chevron in the background are printed by using the Basic Tiles. I adjusted the colors using Make-the-Cut. Here is a great video tutorial by LD that shows how to use Tiles with Make-the-Cut.

I layered the printed elephant cut out onto the card front with foam tape. Some Stickles glitter glue,  googly eyes, and a mini pom-pom completes the card.

The Mad for Cards Super Bundle is available for only $39 until Mar 22. Click HERE to check it out.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us what we were getting, and what we could do! I also can't believe you counted them all LOL

  2. Jin, you make me think I just can't do without this bundle! Thanks for showing us up close and personal what the bundles include!

  3. thanks so much for sharing! I am a new cameo user are you always offer such amazing tutorials!! You are my number 1 go to for info :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Okay Jin you've convinced me. Going over to buy now.

  5. I like your print and cut elements. If I have the Designer Edition Cameo, do I need MTC to do these or can I do it without having to buy MTC too? Thanks. Donna

  6. Thanks, everyone! :-)

    @nativetexangirl, you do not need to buy MTC to use these graphics if you already have the Silhouette Studio program. This tutorial will show you how to print-and-cut with SS using LD graphic files:

  7. This looks like a great bundle. Oh how I wish I had a better cutting machine to do print and cuts! Thanks for sharing what you can do with these cards. Yours look spectacular!

  8. Hi Lin,
    i cannot find this Cards Mad for Cards on the lettering delight Page, can und sen me the Link
    Thanks Daniela