Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I did it! I have switched my Facebook page to Timeline!

I started seeing this notice on my blog last week:

Say what?! I have been holding off Timeline for my personal profile page and now they are going after the fan pages? Having seek the opinions of my Facebook readers and playing around with the preview, I decided to go for it. I launched the Timeline for Under A Cherry Tree (UACT) Facebook page at noon on Wednesday.

To be honest, I love how the top half of the page looks. Love the large cover picture and the ability to customize the apps. Unfortunately, the love for it stops there. I can't seem to find where the latest comments are and because I am the owner/admin for the page, I also don't get to see what the fans see. The UACT page that I see actually looks a little different from that which is shown to the public. There is a new Admin Panel box which, thankfully, I am allowed to hide away. Unfortunately, there are also some other Timeline customization that I wish I could get rid of but can't.

To take a look at my new Facebook page, please go to I would love to know what you think of it. At this time I am still trying to figure my new page out and if you find anything looking weird or out of place, chances are it's because I am messing around with it. If anyone has any advice or suggestions on how I can make the page look or work even better, please do tell! I am all ears.

To my friends of "The Pond" (*wink* *wink* :brow_waggle:), THANK YOU for joining my page! I *heart* my fishie friends and I thank you for trying to cheer me up with your new Likes when I whined about losing that one Like, minutes after I switched over to Timeline. I love you all! Thank you! Thank you! *muah!* :grouphug: ;-)


  1. Your new timeline looks GREAT! I made the move BY ACCIDENT a month or so ago because I clicked a button to give it a try and the next thing I know...I'm stuck with it! I've really grown to love it though. Now you need to walk me through how you got yours to show "My Blog" and "My Videos". I love that! <3
    We fish...therefore we ARE. ;)

  2. Thanks, Joy! Fishies ROCK! :-) As for the customized tab, I learned it from here: