Thursday, February 23, 2012

OMG! The LD DEAL-OF-THE-YEAR is coming back!!

Remember last year when LD offered a 100-svg sets bundle for only $100? We thought that it was a one-time deal to celebrate LD's 100th svg but guess what? That offer is coming back!!

I've just received word that this year's 100-Cut Its bundle will be brand new** and will not contain any set that was included in last year's offer! Woohoo!! If you are new to Lettering Delights or do not have many LD Cut Its in your collection, you MUST get this deal! $100 Cut It sets for $100 or $1 per set! ONE DOLLAR! Considering that many of LD's Cut It sets include anything from 5 to 27 designs PER SET, we are talking about A WHOLE LOT of cut files here. For reference, last year's bundle contained over 1400 designs!!

The deal will happen at the end of the week and will only be available for a very limited time. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog. I will let you know as soon as I have even more details!

***This is a new bundle, as in, not the same as last year's but it is made up mostly from sets that are already on the site, plus a few that are new (includes a new St Patty's Day set!) ***


  1. YAY! But wait... it's all new from the last bundle, but does it include things that are already on the site now? I have purchased a lot of the sets already so I don't want to be buying things twice, even at a good price! :-) I hope it's all new- I loved that bundle deal!! :-) Thanks for letting us know, Jin!!

  2. The bundle is mostly made up from existing sets but it will contain some new ones including a brand new St Patty's set. :)