Monday, February 13, 2012

LD Manic Monday: $1 Valentines + Free Bugaboo Card and Candy Wrappers

CLICK HERE to get your $1 Valentines and HERE to get your free Bugaboo Valentine Card and Candy Bar Wrappers.

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  1. Oh Jin, this is the first time I have been disappointed with LD. Its such a great thing that they are offering the bugaboo at a reduced price - but spare a thought for us who bought it at full price just a couple of weeks ago when it was first promoted.

    I am really pleased for everyone who has got such a great buy at this reduced price, but I cant help feeling a bit miffed that it has come so soon after it was promoted at full price. Especially since I posted a picture of something I made on facebook ecraft group which then prompted someone to buy it last week - they must be feeling pretty hard done by now!

    This wont make me stop using LD - but it will make me make more use of the reduced sets and discourage me from buying the sets as soon as they come out - just in case they are reduced soon after I buy them.

    I know its not your issue Jin, just thought it might be worth raising with LD. I suspect I might get a bit of grief from this comment but I just thought I would raise the issue of discounting sets that are still fairly newly released. I appreciate its just business etc etc.

    Hugs to you Jin and glad you had such a wonderful disney cruise!