Thursday, February 23, 2012


OMG! The Big Bang Bundle is LIVE on the LD website NOW!

Did you see that? The original price of the 100-set bundle is $497 when the sets are bought separately. $497!! You can have it now for only $100!

For 100 sets!!!

This is an incredible deal and don't forget you can even use the code BESTBUYBUNDLE for an additional 20% off. Even better, if you have made a recent purchase, check your confirmation email for a 25% off coupon and you get all 100 sets for as low as $75 or just $0.75 each!! 

If you do not already have many of the sets in this bundle, hurry up and grab it because the offer will only be available for 5 days. Don't let this insane deal get away. Grab your Big Bang bundle by clicking HERE now!!

Edit: adding freebie info:

Here are some current freebies on the LD site. Click on anyone of them, add to your cart and checkout. Check your "purchase" confirmation to find a 25% off coupon!



  1. That's awesome!!! I soooo...wish I wasn't broke! :( lol

  2. To be honest - this is kind of a turn off for me. I get a little peeved when they put out bundles like this with items already in their store that are so highly discounted to the original price. I think it's a slap in the face to their regular customers. I already own several of the sets in this bundle - so it's no bargain for me - and I'm unhappy enough about it that I will personally be boycotting LD for awhile. I would really prefer that they do something that is a benefit for their regular customers instead of punishing them.

  3. Good point, I agree with 2KutiesGrandma!

  4. Hi Jin, out of topic, do you work for LD? are you LD blogger, editor?

  5. Thanks--I ordered this bundle!