Friday, February 17, 2012

High Tea and a cake stand

Motive. I have an ulterior motive for sharing this card. Never mind that I used Lettering Delights files to make it or that it was inspired by my own work (Just how narcissistic is that?!). Never mind that I thought of this when I was thinking of the high tea that I enjoyed at Palo while on board the Disney Wonder

I just wanted to show off my new cake stand. *blush*

Right after disembarking from the ship and going through the US Customs, Hubby drove us to my favorite coffee place, that is located right next to my favorite antique store. I have posted about Bountiful during our Southern California vacation and had drooled over the super pricey cake stands. This time around I simply could not leave the store without my milk glass treasures. 

So I bought two. *hanging head in shame*

I know, I know....I could probably have found them online and have them delivered to my doorstep insured, and it would probably still cost a lot less than what I paid. Instead, I lugged them around in the airport and hid them under my coat on board. My 9 year old thought it was ridiculous that her mother sat in her seat with that bulging bag on her feet. 

"Urmm....Mom. I think they can still see that." 

What was I to do? That bag just refused to stay under the seat in front and I really couldn't risk having the attendant insist that I put it in the overhead compartment. So I hid it and there I sat for 2.5 hours. A bag that reminds me of a pregnant lady shoved into her too tight jeans. On my feet and under my coat.

The good news is that the bag and its babies made it through the flight and I didn't need to chase down the UPS dude for my new cake stands that I paid too much for. They are right here in front of me. Yay! I'll show off my brand new 6" cake stand today and I'll show you the other another time. 

Promise. :-)

I flocked a 1" mouse! In 3 colors!

An actual teabag holder was used in the production of this card.

This print-and-cut card was made with my Silhouette Cameo using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, and the following Lettering Delights SVGs:

The font used is Riesling and you can find the free download here.


  1. You are so clever Jin! Did you print and cut it all? It appears with texture to me, at least the mouse does. I shall have to learn print and cut. I have so much paper that I want to use, and the ink in the printer that I have is not inexpensive. I mus tlook into a larger printer. You are usually a great shopper. Which one do you have?

  2. Palo is a fabulous restaurant: the service and food is excellent!

  3. Don't you dare hang your head in shame! I'm impressed you didn't get the extra pat down when they saw you smuggling milk glass onto the plane:)Love your mousey card and the thought of you eating coddled cream with a scone just gives me warm fuzzies. xoxo