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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Dec Vacation 1: Disneyland Holiday Magic

I'm baaaaaaaack! Well, not really....our trip to CA and NV has ended but we are all still in vacation mode. We had so much fun! Although we have been Disneyland several times before, we have never visited during the holiday season and boy, are we glad we did! It feels so festive in and around the park and the weather was just perfect. I even got to meet Jeannette (aka Iggylover) of the MTC forum. She is THE Disneyland Guru and we are so lucky to have her as our tour guide for a day. Thanks so much Jeannette, for sharing all your Disney tips and tricks!

Disneyland looks so pretty when it is all dressed up for the holidays. Here, let me share a couple of pictures with you:

This is Sleeping Beauty's castle in the day. It look so different from when we last saw it in the Summer

Here it is all lit up at night. What a spectacular sight!

"It's a Small World" is my kids' favorite ride but Hubby and I almost dread it. I mean, the ride is cute for the first two times that we get on it but my crazy kids love it so much they don't stop until they have been on it for at least a half dozen times. There are only so many times I can stand to listen to "It's a small world after all....It's a small world after all..." before my head starts to hurt and I feel like screaming.

"It's A Small World" in the day.
That was before I had gone on the "It's A Small World Holiday". This Christmas version of the attraction is so refreshing! I love that they added "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Hall" to the "It's a Small World" song! I could go on and on raving about the ride but I think that you will get a much better idea of it from the Disney Blog. CLICK HERE to watch a short video and to read about the "It's a Small World" Holiday Transformation at the Disneyland Park.

"It's A Small World" all lit up at night!
Inside "It's a Small World" Holiday.
Another look inside "It's a Small World" Holiday.
By the way, the Disney California Adventures Park is also all decked out in Holiday colors. This picture was taken at A Bug's Land. Do you see my three bugs? ;-)


back in Disneyland, I had to take a second look at this store by Main Street:

Well, it is not quite the same Silhouette Studio program that I often talk about. It is really a shop where you can get a hand cut paper silhouette of yourself.

Speaking of Main Street, I love the giant Christmas Tree! It is 60 feet tall and is decorated with a gazillion (or 1800. :-P ) ornaments.

60 feet tall Christmas Tree in Disneyland.
Check out the Disney Blog to see how they put this giant up! Just CLICK HERE and you can watch a video too.

We got home the other night and I am still wading through my emails. If you have asked me a question while I was away, please forgive me for not responding. I am working my way through all my emails and I will reply as soon as I get a chance. I need to go deal with that mountain of vacation laundry but not before I share this video with you. "Snow" falls on Main Street every evening during the Holiday season and Hubby recorded this with his little pocket camera. Enjoy!


  1. Aww, thanks Jin for posting your Disneyland vacation!! You must have had a great time! Nice of you to share...

  2. We went to Disneyland in mid-november -- it was our first trip there and they had just put up the Christmas decorations! I also was dreading the Small World ride, we'd been on the one at Disney World and I'm not a big fan. The Christmas version, however, was AWESOME! We even went on it again later that night! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited to see the video you posted about how they put it together!

  3. Welcome back jin!! I've missed your creative genius! I'm sure you are exhausted - probably need a vacation from your vacation LOL

    Looking forward to seeing what you create next!!

    Carmen L

  4. Thank you for the photos! I just love Disney WOrld in FLorida, but have never been to DisneyLand in CA! Beautiful!!

  5. Yay!! Welcome back Jin!! Thanks for sharing a fee pics of your trip... And the Silhouette Studio, WOW! haha! Too funny!