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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to do if your LD SVG cannot open in Silhouette Designer Edition

While many of the Lettering Delights SVGs import nicely into the Silhouette Designer Edition, it seems that every now and then, a few will fail to open. I have already informed LD of the issue and thanks to blog reader, Mary Miname, here is a fix for when this happens:

Load the SVG into a text editor, search for the following terms:

a.       <switch>
b.       </switch>

Delete these, save the SVG file again, and then load the adjusted SVG into Studio. 

I just tried this fix with the Lettering Delights Sew Snowy Stitchy Cut It set  and it works. I am using Windows 7 and what I did was to first open the SVG in Notepad. Next, I used CTRL+F to find the two terms above.

 I deleted them and saved the file with a .svg extention. 

 I was then able to open the SVG in Silhouette Studio (Designer Ed).

Before the fix: Nothing shows up when the SVG has been imported.

After the fix: The SVG image imported fine! :)

Thanks, Mary, for writing and letting us know of the fix. :-)


  1. Thank you. I will keep this bookmarked.

  2. Thanks, Mary and Jin for spreading the word. I had come across this, but didn't think to do anything about it. Just went through following the steps of your fix and the new files opened clean as a whistle. You ladies rock!

  3. How DO you figure this stuff out?! You rock! But seriously why is Silhouette acting like PC? Didn't they understand that all their recent sales were from PC acting like boneheads? Thanks for helping people out Jin! If not for you so many wouldn't know about different options available:)
    Or i could just be eating too many popsicles...

  4. I have a question...I just got my Silhouette Cameo, but don't have the designer edition, just studio. How do I open SVG's in studio that are saved on my computer? And what is 'notepad'? Is that a program I need to install on my computer? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. You can't open SVG files in non-DE Studio.

      Notepad is a text editor, similar to Microsoft Word, but without any formatting (ie, bold, italic).

      Depending on your Operating System, you already have Notepad installed.