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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A banner cake topper for Judy (Plus LD Wild Wednesday)

Judy came by my house yesterday, bearing gifts. A loaf of freshly home-baked bread and a chocolate mousse cake landed in my hands as soon as I opened the door. 

I just love it whenever she rings my bell. :-)

I was amused when I saw that she had decorated the cake with three turkey cupcake toppers that I've made for her the other day. Guess I'll just have to call them cake toppers from now on.

If you had missed my post on those turkeys, you can read all about my cupcake toppers by clicking HERE.

So Judy was lamenting that she didn't finish decorating the cake. It was missing 2 cookie stick thingies and she just didn't get a chance to run to the grocery store to get them. I laughed. If only she knew that we'd be chomping down this cake so fast, we wouldn't have the time to notice any missing cookie toppers. Still, I understand the feeling of dissatisfaction when  a project is not up to the level of completion that one would like it to be. So I made a banner for the cake.

I like making banners but I love making mini banners as cake toppers. Last year I made a banner topper for a pumpkin roll but this chocolate mousse cake does not have as much room. So I made a scroll-type banner instead.

I used to use Adobe Photoshop a lot but ever since Make-the-Cut came out with a print feature (late 2010), I have been using Photoshop less and Make-the-Cut more. I could use MTC to print-and-cut but I do also like to use it for only printing. Also, since the Lettering Delights SVGs all import into MTC with colors, it is super easy to use the LD sets for printing.

For today's banner, I imported the SVG image from the Stuffing Stitchy Cut It set, into Make-the-Cut. Next I resized and printed the image onto a sheet of letter-sized cardstock. The banner is really simple to make. Just roll both ends and affixed a bamboo skewer to each side, and stick that baby into the cake!

Ta-da! And the cake is done and I didn't even need to go to the grocer's to buy any cookie thingies to finish the decoration. :-)

By the way, since my last "Judy-post", some of you have emailed to ask if she has a blog. Well, I found out that she does have one but it is used as a logged book of what she has baked. Judy has posted many photos to the blog but not any recipes. Perhaps if there are more of us who would ask her (through blog comments) to post about the recipes, she may be more encouraged to do so? Anyway, if you'd like to see more pictures of Judy's yummy goodies, just head to her blog here:

On a different note, and I'm sorry that this is late but here is Wednesday's Lettering Delights Facebook offer. Just click on the image to get your deal. The offer expires at midnight MST, Friday.


  1. Hahaha I love it! The gift that keeps giving, you should save them and give them to her next year...:) Going to check out her site right NOW!

  2. Uummmm....are you sure that's turkey FOOD?!?!? ...just might be something else! Blahahaha! Either way, it looks delish!!!
    Hugs...Kathy Ü