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Monday, October 17, 2011

Feed The Cat! (Candy Toss Game)

The girls stayed home from school last Friday. It was a "Teachers' Work Day" and I guess it was my turn to keep the kiddos busy.

I have had this idea of making a toss game for the kids in the Summer but then I never really got around to it. I had imagined it to be fairly big and something that they could play outside. I even made Hubby keep a big box for me so I could make the game. Well, it's Fall now and no game. The weather has also turned much cooler. I suppose I could still make a toss game but it'll have to be a little smaller and the girls will have to play inside instead. Oh well...

It was good timing that they had just finished devouring the last packet of some crackers that we had bought from Costco. I looked down at the empty box and couldn't stand the thought of it ending in the recycle bin as-is. I sent the girls to clean up their room so I could make something out of this box for them.

Using the Lettering Delights' Big Mouth Stationary set, I cut out the cat with my Silhouette SD and Make-the-Cut. I placed the assembled piece and traced, and cut an opening for the mouth on the box.

I wrapped the box and lined the inside. I placed the cat over the box and thought it's look better with some "teeth" so I went back to Make-the-Cut and made a teeth layer.

As I didn't want the mouth to be cut out, I converted the oval from a solid line into a dashed outline. I hand-cut the lines for the "teeth" as it was faster than trying to figure it out in the program.

I adhered the cat to the box and was so pleased with what I made until the girls mentioned that it needs some whiskers. Urgh. Back to the craft room I went....

....and added in the whiskers and some alphabet die-cuts I got from a grab bag....

...and put some boots on Puss!

I still have a tail to put on the cat and I wished that Swedish Fish were individually wrapped but those Starbursts and Kisses worked great for tossing. 

So stand 5 feet from the cat and toss a candy. The player who has the most candies landing inside the box wins. In my case, if I win I get to eat the candy. Yum.


  1. I love love love this idea!! So adorable! :)

  2. Oh, this is so cute! I'm thinking of some sort of game I can make for my kindergarten class. Thank you!

  3. OK, I'm in love with this game. I especially love the boots on the bottom of the box.

    We have a teacher work day next week and I've got the Wonderkid home with one of his best buds. This could be a great game for them.

  4. Seriously, y'all must make this. My girls LOVE it. At first they were thrilled that they get to "earn" candy but now they don't even care if they don't get to eat it. They just love to throw sweets at the cat. LOL. :-D