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Monday, September 26, 2011

Jin's Fall Picks: All Seasons Pop-Up Cards

Happy Monday! As promised, I am going to show you how the cards in the All Seasons Pop-Up Cards set look like when they are put together.  

The All Seasons Pop-Up Cards set includes 9 pop-up cards, 3 card bases, and 9 super cute images for you to decorate your card front. Before I show you how the cards look like when they are "popped-up", let me show you how I assembled the cards.

1. Cut out the inside pop-up layer and the card base. Adhere the two layers together.

2. Using the pre-cut score lines as a guide, score.

3. Fold and crease well. 

4. Open the card and pop out the image by hand. 

5. If needed, score further.

6. Carefully fold and crease.


 7. Open and admire!

Here are the cards that I've put together.

I cut out all the layers with Make-the-Cut and my Silhouette SD. One of the best things about using Lettering Delights with Make-the-Cut is that I can easily make some adjustments to give the cards a different look. In this case, I removed the face of the Christmas tree and added 2 colored layers. Do note that it is not advisable to add more than one layer on top of the pop-up layer as it can make it hard to pop-up.

Tomorrow I will be showing you some of the cuts that I've made with the Best Witches set that is also in my Fall Picks bundle. Don't have my bundle yet? Just get it by clicking HERE.

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  1. Okay, I caved. I was telling myself that I had most of these just to avoid! But, your samples hit me hard----too cute! So, I'll just tell DH "It's all Jin's fault!"

  2. Love the snowman! And all the rest of course.

  3. Great job! You are always so creative and inspiring. Thank you. What are you going to put on the front of the cards?

  4. Hey Jennifer, I would make the card front simple since I want the inside pop-up to be the WoW factor. It is easy to make the card front with the extra stand-alone images. For example, for the coffee card, you can use the coffee pot in the front with a speech bubble that says "Would you like a cuppa?".

  5. Sorry, I posted the comment too quickly. I meant to say "Would you like a cup of joe?" or just "Coffee Break". :-)

  6. Thanks Jin! You are the best. Really!

  7. Just started following your blog and i just purchased your file on lettering delights but have no idea how to cut the lines using the silhouette designer edition. can you help out Jin?

    1. Sure. First, download and unzip the Cut It file. If you are using the Designer Edition, simply drag-and-drop the SVG file that you want to cut, onto the virtual mat. Right-click on the image and select Ungroup. Open the Cut Style Window, and choose Cut so that the cutter will know where to cut. Btw, I have a lot of tutorials in the following link that you may find useful. I hope that you'll take a look. :-)