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Friday, September 30, 2011

LD Friday Freebie: Introducing Sheri Berry

This is for those of you who are not on Facebook. This is what Lettering Delights posted on their wall today:

Click HERE to go to Sheri Berry's Facebook page and HERE to go to her blog.

FREE Printables: Happy Birthday To Whoo

SURPRISE!! I have a freebie for you!

Look what Lettering Delights has made for me! A printable birthday card, cupcake wrappers, and labels, and you can get them all for FREE!

And they complement my projects from yesterday so perfectly too! We all should just get have an OWL-themed party already. :-)

So whoo's ready to get your freebie? 

(and don't forget to say "Thank you, Lettering Delights!".)

Jin's Fall Picks: Feels Like Autumn

It's Friday! Wow! The week went by fast! I've already shown you the cuts from several sets from my Lettering Delights bundle and today I will show you some cuts that I've made from the "Feels Like Autumn" Cut It Set.

When I first saw this set, I had to cut the house and the apple tree first. They look too adorable! I even cut the rake out.It looks so cute leaning against the apple tree.

I also cut out the other trees. These trees look so good but are really easy to assemble.

The sentiment goes so perfectly with the little house!

Next I cut out the basket of apples and made...

--- a few shaped cards for my kids.

I used Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD to cut everything pictured in this post.

The Feels Like Autumn Cut It set contains 17 images that comes in 6 different formats including .AI, .DXF, .EPS, .GSD, .PDF, and .SVG.

To get your Feels Like Autumn Cut It set, just CLICK HERE.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jin's Fall Picks: Greetings to Whoo

The Lettering Delights Greetings to Whoo cut it set includes four non-card projects. Today I will show you how they look like once they are cut and assembled.

The first two files in the set are purses.

Assembling the layers is pretty straightforward but folding the purse is tricky the first time you make this. Here, let me show you how the side is folded:

The picture is too small? No problem! Here's a close-up:

In case you still can't tell how the sides are folded, the following picture should explain it:

Files no. 3 and 4 are cards and this is how mine turned out:

File no. 5 is a 4 sided open-top box that looks like that:

Now, on to the last file in the set.

Can you tell what these are? Well, they are...

Post-It note pad holders!

So that's all for today's post. I hope that with the visuals, it'll help those of you who have bought the set and are not sure how the finished project for each of the file look like. By the way, everything was cut with Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD cutter.

To get your LD Greetings to Whoo cut it set, just click HERE.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LD introduces Wild Wednesday on Facebook! Plus special FREEBIE!!

OMG! Lettering Delights has gone NUTS! Check out these crazy FB offers:

Also, do you remember that last Friday I told you about a very special freebie that was a new concept? Well, here is LD's first print-and-cut SVG. If you are using Make-the-Cut, just import the SVG, and then add the texture using the .PNG file.

Hurry and take advantage of these deals by clicking on the images above before they expire at midnight MST on Friday.

Jin's Fall Picks: Food Fun Pop-Up Cards

Today's post is about the Lettering Delights Food Fun Pop-Up Cards set. When I first saw the set, I just had to make the Panda card first.

The Panda card pops-up in a way that is similar to the cards in the All Seasons Pop-Up Cards set. This is the card front:

and here is the inside:

The French Fry and the Orange cards pop-up in a similar fashion. The Worm-In-The-Apple card pops-up in a slightly different way. The photos below will explain how:

For those of you who have been wondering how the worm/apple card works, I hope that the pictures above helped.

Everything pictured in today's post was cut with Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD

Click HERE to get the Food Fun Pop-Up Cards set or get the set with Jin's Fall Picks bundle HERE.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LD Two-for-Tuesday: Halloween Alphabet bundle $4! (reg. $8)

Click HERE to get your Two-for-Tuesday Halloween Alphabet, and HERE get your Monstrous Manic Monday deal.

The offer for the Dog Days of Summer Bundles will expire next Monday, click HERE to get yours now before they are gone.

LD Teacher Subscription Program!

Wow! WoW! WOW!!! Teachers, you are in for a treat!! Remember last week when I mentioned that Lettering Delights is working on something special for you? Well, I've just received the details and OMG!! this is going to blow your mind!

Lettering Delights is introducing their Teacher Subscription program!!! You can get UNLIMITED access to thousands of LD products including fonts, alphabets, graphics, cliparts, and Cut Its, all for just $130 for a year!! Is that INSANE or what??!! To sign up for the program you will need to send in proof that you are a teacher. Here, allow me to let Lettering Delights tell you about the program themselves:


Lettering Delights has always been a big fan of teachers and has a long history of wanting to help teachers get product for their students at really reasonable prices.  We know that often teachers are spending their own money to supplement!  That is why we have created the teacher subscription.  This is a PILOT program and is only available for educators (teachers, home schoolers, student teachers) and an educator will need to send in proof in order to qualify. 

Get hooked on UNLIMITED teachers-only access to thousands of fonts, colorful alphabets, graphics and clipart sets, printable tags and candybar wrappers, plus cut-it files for cutting machines at all for just $130 for a whole year.

Hurry! This pilot beta program is available for a limited time and is reserved for a select number of professional teachers only**. Those eligible are teachers or student teachers of public, private, or charter institutions, or those who can provide proof of homeschooling their children. Please note, subscription will not be activated until proof has been received and approved.

Pay your annual membership fee to access the images you love in our easy-to-use online library. You can also download files directly to your computer to tackle all kinds of creative projects!

Build beautiful bulletin boards. Create darling student journals and scrapbooks. Personalize newsletters and notes. Design clever gifts and art. Customize practice pages and worksheets. Add colorful clipart and images to reports and assignments. And more!

Our teachers-only subscription allows you access to thousands of products in our current online gallery and dozens more added each month. This pilot program, available exclusively for teachers, will give you unlimited access for one full year to the following products:

    Over 600 fonts valued at close to $2000
    Over 700 colorful alphabet images valued at $2800
    Close to 300 dingbat fonts valued at almost $900
    Over 500 color graphic image sets (15 coordinating images per set) valued at $2100
    1200 pieces of clipart (in both black-and-white and color) valued at $300
    Over 4000 cuttable files compatible with most electronic cutting machines valued at over $6000

Click here for the teacher subscription licensing information.
*Occasionally we will have licensed artists whose product will not be available via subscription.
**All sign-ups must provide proof of status as a professional teacher before online access will be granted. Burden of proof is on the teacher, we will accept proof of employment by written letter (submitted on letterhead), a copy of a teacher badge, paystub, teacher contract, etc.

To O-FISH-ALLY sign up, just complete the following 2-step process:

Step 1: CLICK HERE to read the user agreement and log into your Lettering Delights account. 

Step 2: CLICK HERE to purchase your Teacher Subscription.


Jin's Fall Picks: Best Witches

The Lettering Delights Best Witches Cut It set that is included in my Fall Picks bundle is the cuttable version of the Best Witches Graphics set. I love the whole Best Witches collection when it was released last year! I even made these masks from the Witch One and Witch's Brew graphic sets:

The images in the Best Witches Cut Its set can be easily cut and assembled so today I am just going to share some pictures of the cuts outs that I have made from this set.

This is one of the easiest banners that I have ever assembled! It's super cute and will be perfect sitting on a bowl of candy.

One of the first images that I cut out when I got this set were the witches. I added the glitter with Stickles.

I was going to only Stickle the boy's hat but I ended up adding glitter to his whole coat just because. I think he looks so much cooler all glittered up.

This kitty cat is only 1.5" tall! Gotta love how the Silhouette SD is able to make such precise cuts.

Here's the frog in the treat bag and...

...the rest of the cutouts that I made. 

All the cuts showed in the photos above were made with Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD cutter. Most of the papers that I used here were from the Michael's Recollection line.

Due to time constraints I didn't get around to cutting the rest of the set but here's a look at what the Best Witches Cut Its set include:

The regular price of the Best Witches Cut It set is $5 but this set is also included in Jin's Fall bundle which is a steal at $19 for 8 Cut Its sets.

If you have not purchase the Best Witches Cut It set, you can get the set HERE or get it with my Fall Picks Bundle HERE.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

LD Monstrous Manic Monday! (8-set bundle for $8!!)

 WOW! Today's LD Manic Monday deal is a good one! Get the following 8-set bundle for only $8 (reg. $32)!!

Here are a few things that I have made with the Spooktacular set:

Click HERE  to get your Monstrous Manic Monday Bundle now.