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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekend getaway

I have been away from my craft room lately. The kids go back to school in 2 weeks and Hubby and I have been trying to spend as much time as we can with them. This past weekend we took the girls to Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver B.C.. Not only did we have fun exploring the 2 cities, we pigged out on some of the best foods that we've ever had. Here, let me share some pictures with you:

We took a ferry that looked just like this to get to Sidney, B.C., and from there, we drove to Victoria.

There is a reason why there is a perpetual 30-min wait line outside Red Fish Blue Fish. They serve some of the best fish-n-chips in town! My favorite item on the menu is the Spicy Fish Tacone. So many flavors put into a wrap!

fish and chips

spicy fish tacone
grilled oysters salad

We stayed one night in Victoria, B.C. and got onto a ferry the next day. We arrived at Tsawwassen, B.C. after a 90mins ride and from there, we drove straight to E.Hastings St. in Vancouver.

We refer to a lot for restaurant reviews. Seri Malaysia Restaurant has many glowing reviews because their food is that good. If you are into Southeast Asian cuisine, and happened to be in Vancouver, you must visit this restaurant.

Lamb Curry

Roti Canai

Chicken Satay
Whenever we go out to a Dim Sum restaurant, I always look forward to the soy pudding dessert. I was ecstatic when Hubby found a shop in Richmond, that sells nothing but soy milk and soy pudding! The 4.5/5 star review of Excellent Tofu and Snacks on is spot on; the tofu dessert is delish!

Buckets full of soy pudding!

We spent 2 nights in Vancouver and before we made the drive back to Seattle, we stopped by Abdul's BBQ and Shawarma for lunch. Once again the reviews on were accurate. I had the lamb wrap and every bite is a burst of flavor! Hubby and our twin daughters enjoyed their wraps but my 5-year-old didn't quite appreciate the spiciness.

Abdul's BBQ and Shawarma

Oh my yummy!

Best lamb wrap ever!
I hope that you've enjoyed today's non-Lettering Delights/non-Make-the-Cut post. Tomorrow we will go back to crafting when we go on the Altered Composition Book Blog Hop that starts at Joyslife.

See ya tomorrow! :-)


  1. It's only breakfast time and my mouth is watering!!! I'm all the way over in the East so I can't go.

  2. Soooo lucky : ) One of the things I miss about living north of the Mason Dixon line is the larger diversity in food.

  3. My husband is from Vancouver, and we visit in-laws every month. Although MIL always cooks for us (need that Korean food fix!), we try to get grub at various restaurants when we are there. Looks like you had an awesome trip! I always rate my vacations on how good food!

    I know you just got back, but have you ever been to P and E in Vanouver? It's kindda like the bite of Seattle, so they have food from various vendors, but they also have rides/shows/exhibits for adults and kids! We'll be going up this weekend for it...again, I'm just excited for the!

    13 more days till school...I gotta get on those back-to-school teacher's gifts!!!

    Have a great day Jin!

  4. You just made me very very very hungry! especially since you featured a halal place.... !! I dont suppose you've been across anything that good around the tucson Arizona region?

  5. @Michelle, Jamal (the chef at Seri Malaysia) told us about P and E but we've never actually heard of it until then. You sound like you know Vancouver very must tell me what other Vancouver yummies we are missing. :)

    @Embee I've never been to AZ. I am going to count on *you* to tell me where the good food are if I ever get to visit. LOL!

  6. See NOW I have to go up there...I have to eat this food! Pac NW is so freaking awesome:)