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Friday, July 8, 2011

Patricia's Boxes


Hubby and I once aspired to live the minimalist lifestyle. The idea of a simple uncluttered life was appealing but even more so, we were drawn towards the sleek and stylish designs that reflect the minimalist trend. So when I was first introduced to Patricia Zapata's A Little Hut, I was immediately captivated.  

I have seen so many over-patterned and over-embellished projects on the internet that I could feel a sensory overload. A visit to Patricia's site cleared my head. I was drawn to her simple yet sophisticated designs and her use of plain white or solid colors for her projects was so refreshing! I was so intrigued by her work that I almost missed the news that Lettering Delights was going to sell her designs on their site. 

If you are a subscriber of the LD newsletter, you would probably know that Patricia's Intricate Gift Box Collection is now available on The bundle of 10 sets (9 box covers + 1 box bottom) are being sold in the new Cut Its format. This means that several cutting formats (ai, dxf, gsd, eps, svg, pdf) are included in the bundle so that you can cut these boxes out with your electronic cutter no matter which cutter you own. 

I have waited months for this and I couldn't have been more excited to see Patricia's files on the LD site. I had promised my kids that I will not play with my cutter during the day in the summer but I really REALLY wanted to try out the new files. So I made a deal (plus a bribe) with my girls, and while they busy themselves with a new craft kit, I got to make Patricia's gift boxes!

I used Make-the-Cut and my Silhouette SD to cut out the gift boxes. Using Make-the-Cut, I imported the SVG at "Use Actual" and 72 DPI. Since the Silhouette has a limited cutting area, I reduced the size of the box (covers and bottom) by 30%. The resulting assembled gift box measured approximately 4"x 4". I thought that was a pretty good size.

These gift boxes are so pretty that the covers can be used as wall hangings. In fact, I love the designs so much, I had to make cards with them.

Fancy note cards in a fancy box. I think that makes a fancy gift. Don't you?

For a limited time, the Intricate Gift Box Collection is available for only $15.00 (reg $20). The files are also available separately for $2 a set. Click here or the image above to get your bundle now.

While you're at the Lettering Delights site, don't forget to pick up your 50-sets Simple Shapes Bundle. The sale price of $49 will end on Monday! Don't miss out on this awesome deal. Click here to go to the Lettering Delights store now. 


  1. Beautiful! And what a fantastic idea of note cards.

  2. They came out beautiful and the colors are great to.

  3. Gorgeous! I saw them yesterday and I have been thinking about them all night... I guess that means that they will be mine soon. :)


  4. I love your idea of a matching box and cards! They look great.

    Thank you so much for your kind words Jin! :)

  5. Love the matching cards you made. I think that the boxes look amazing. I wonder if my cricut could cut them or if it would be to intricate.

  6. Jin,
    I love the note cards in the card box. I used the GC that I won from you towards the purchase of these. Thank you again!