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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New cutters that support SVGs!

What a difference a week made! I'm back from my Southern California vacation and am catching up on all the exciting news about the cutters that are being released. It's CHA week in IL, and the buzz is on the new Silhouette Cameo. It cuts 12" wide! Ya-hooooooo!!!  If you had followed my recently-concluded series where I reviewed 3 electronic cutters, you will know that my dream cutter is a Silhouette that cuts 12" wide and with a force that can cut chipboard. At this time, I have not seen any videos that shows the machine cutting and I have not heard if it can cut any media thicker than paper. Nevertheless, I am still really excited that Silhouette America has responded to our requests to come out with a cutter that cuts wider than the Silhouette SD. The word out on the streets is that the Silhouette Cameo will retail at $299 and a proprietary software that will support SVGs will be sold separately for $59.

Even more exciting, is the news that MTC has partnered with KnK to come out with the Zing cutter. This machine will retail at $399 and it cuts 14" wide and has a cutting force that will cut thin chipboard! You can read more about the Zing by clicking here.

The Sizzix eclips has also announced that they have partnered with Sure Cuts A Lot so that the cutter is also compatible with the software. 

With the release of these new cutters that support SVGs, I think that it is just wonderful that we now have a wider selection of machines that enables us to create beyond the boundaries of cartridges. I can't wait until the machines are ready and out on the market so that we can find out even more about them.


  1. Jin,
    This is wonderful news! Please keep us updated on new cutters...I'm just waiting to buy a new Silhouette....

  2. Oops! You answered my question I just posted on Thursday's blog. After being at eye dr. yesterday, ZI couldn't read or see anything pretty much the rest of the day. Thanks for your input and share our enthusiasm over all the new cutters.

  3. Glad you are back Jin, hope you had a relaxing time. I am really digging the Zing! Can't wait to hear more about that machine myself.

  4. I'm with Becki (even though she's trying to steal my man..watching you..) That Zing is looking pretty cool...I cannot wait to be able to cut shrinkydinks and cereal boxes!

  5. I too am quite happy to hear about these new cutters! I heard about the zing and it looks very interesting since I want a wider cutter than 12". I was looking into the pazzles but now I will wait and see. I want to make a choice I won't regret this time!