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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shadow Puppets!

It's the 10th Day of Summer but it might as well have been Fall. Just look at the weather here in WA:

So much for hanging out at the beach.  :-(

I walked into the den, and flipped open my laptop. As it started up, I turned around and saw my kids.

"Why are my children laying on the stairs?! I thought they were playing. Are they really *that* bored?"


"This is terrible!" I thought to myself. I need to get the kids something to do! I logged onto the Lettering Delights website and clicked on the "It's-So-Freaking-Awesome-You-Must-Buy-It" Super Bundle (Fine, so it's really called the Simple Shapes Super Bundle. I just refuse to call it that.).

"There's got to be something in here that I can use to entertain the kids with!"

I scrolled down the page to glance at the 50-set bundle and decided to download 6 images from the Asia SVG set. I started up Make-the-Cut, and turned on the Silhouette. I grabbed some loose sheets of cardstock.

15 mins later...
Hello, Shadow!
Once upon a time, there were two Kokeshi Dolls....

At the temple, they saw a butterfly.....
The giant butterfly stole their magic fan!'s the attack of the giant butterfly!

"Hooray! That was awesome, girls. Let's do it again!" :-)

Edit: Because we had even more fun tonight when it was dark, I'm adding in more pictures. These shadow puppets worked even better without a curtain! Bedtime stories will never be the same again.

Hello! I'm a Kokeshi Shadow. :-)

Look! There's a giant butterfly!

I'm a Butterfly Rider!

Me too!


  1. LOVE it Jin! I am going to buy it now and make them for my kids! That is definitely something I can get behind. I wish I had more activities that are quick like that! Thanks!

  2. JIN!! YOU ARE ONE AWESOME MOM!!! I LOVE how you can make this hobby/bloggy/business and make it into PLAY!

    TOTALLY COOL MOM! Your kiddo's will remember this forever! ♥♥♥

  3. somehow this reminds me of Karate Kid hahahahha

  4. How creative is this?? My kids would have a blast! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea...and I will not tell you how freaking hot it was here. I'm really trying to resist buying more stuff, and you are just bad for my will power...shame on you.

  6. You're such a great craftswoman, teacher and MOM! What a lovely imagination you have, Jin

  7. OMG. That a fabulous idea. I just bought the Super Bundle last night and my girls would really enjoy a puppet show. You are so innovative Jin!

  8. How ADORABLE is this?!?! SO cute Jin, looks like you and your little ladies had tons of fun :)