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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School's Out! (plus giveaway)

Welcome to our playground

Ack! School's out and I'm in a panic. Life used to be so much simpler when the kids were little. Nowadays they seem to demand attention all the time.  I am scrambling to keep the kids occupied when they are home for the summer.

"I'm bored."

"There's nothing to do."

Oh...I can just hear the whining now. Or in the case of my 5 year old, she'll just give me a "Bad Mommy" ticket when she feels like she isn't getting enough attention. Ack!

"Bad Mommy" ticket. :-(

My girls love to craft. In fact, I share a craft room with them. Once upon a time, it looked like this:

This picture was taken before I started blogging. I need to get it back to this shape. :P

Ever since I started blogging, the room started to look less and less like the picture above. I have a lot of crafty projects in mind that I want to do with the kids and a messy craft room doesn't sound like a good way to start. So I started cleaning it out the other day.

The only spot that still looks the same as the day we set up the room.

Somehow the more things I clear out, the more there is to clear?!

Our table has chicken feet!

I'm finding all kinds of rubber stamps and embellishment that I forgot I have and why the heck do I still have all these cartridges? Guess what will be going on to ebay soon? wall of shame.
"Look Mom! Your cartridge tower is taller than me!"

I've always known that those cartridge boxes take up a ton of room but wow....taking that tower out actually allowed for more light. As soon as the last box was taken out, the sun shone in as though it was a sign of a new beginning or something. It was pretty cool...

Clearing out the craft room was fun especially when I uncovered a stack of magazines that I thought was lost forever. It was cool to find the magazines in which my work had been published. Not to mention it was quite an ego boost too! 

The twins' painted these in art class when they were in Kindergarten.
So anyway, I am STILL in process of cleaning out the room but I did find an extra something-something. I'm giving it away at the end of this post so read on.....  ;-)

Now, about other non-craft-room-cleanup stuff.....

Did anyone attend last night's MTC webinar? I watched it from my car while waiting for my girls to finish their piano lessons and I had to hold back from shouting with joy inside the vehicle. How cool was that demo of v3.3 that Andy did? The new trace feature rocks! I can't wait to alpha-trace all those Lettering Delights PNGs without adjusting threshold like crazy. Oh, and in v3.3, when we import Lettering Delights SVGs, all the colors will be automatically imported and the layers separated. Yay!

Speaking of Lettering Delights, they posted their Tuesday deal on Facebook yesterday and for this week , you can get the two Hawaiian Fonts bundle for $2! That's like $1 each except that you have to buy both to get that price. Of course, if you have a 25% coupon, you can bring the price down even lower.Just click here or the image below to get your fonts.

By the way, don't forget that LD will be offering that awesome multiple cutting format bundle at the end of the week. Over 780 images for $49! If you have not seen the previews for the bundle, just click here to see them.

The kids may be out on summer break but that does not mean that I am going to stop posting. I will spending more time with my family and the number of posts per week will be lesser than usual, BUT I will still be keeping you up to date with the LD deals. If you do not want to miss out on any of the fun stuff, do make sure that you Follow this blog or Like the Facebook page. You may also want to subscribe to the newsletter. Just enter your email address on the right column and you will be kept up-to-date with my posts.

I'm going to be on an SVG Blog Hop this weekend with a super-talented group of ladies! There'll be lots of inspiration and blog candy so don't forget to come back and hop with us this weekend. 

And now for today's random "I-Found-This-In-My-Craft-Room" giveaway, just follow this blog and leave a comment to win this:

I actually found two of these Martha Stewart puppet kits while cleaning out my craft room. The kit is recommended or age 4 and over and you can make 4 cat/dogs puppets with it (I know the package shows only 3 animals but the bottom says that the kit includes 4 puppets).  I am giving one kit away on Facebook and one over here on the blog. You can enter in both if you like so that you have two chances to win this. Just click here to go to the Facebook page. The Facebook giveaway will end today (Wed) when I announce the winner.

This giveaway (on the blog) will end on Sunday, Jun 26 at 11;59pm PST and the winner will be drawn by and announced on Monday.

Good luck!


  1. It is funny what you find when you clean a room out! I found clothes when I cleaned out the spare room.
    Good luck with the kids in keeping them busy!
    I would be in heaven with that many cartridges. :) Although you may have that wall of shame, I have Sizzix dies that I had a hutch built to hold them n now that is over following.

  2. Looks like a great room with lots of space to craft. You do have lots of cartridges to sell!

  3. I've been doing the clean out thing too....and I can have a little more cash for my addiction!! Have a great summer Jin!

  4. Just wondering when you are putting your carts on ebay and what your name is on ebay?? I am always looking on there to buy my carts!! That puppet kit is cute!! My daughter would really love it!!
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  5. I'm so envious of your craft room!! Looks like such a fun space to craft and how cool is that your girls can craft right along side of you! Love it:)

  6. Jin, love, love, love your sense of humor. You never cease to bring a smile to my face.
    Remember to take photographs of all the kiddies' artwork that way you will always have it...even if you run out of room on your walls or fridge, or wherever.
    I too have lots of cartridges to sell; although not nearly as many as you. But, while I've had MTC for almost as long as my E, I haven't put for the effort to learn MTC like I should and for now E is easier for something quick.
    All children ever really want is ALL your attention and time! Even as a grandma, they always want to come over (which I love) and snatch all my time, money, attention, and crafting materials. Ha! They're bored at home...nothing to do. :)
    Have a wonderful summer!
    Realizing my blessings,

  7. ROFL! I am sitting here with MY 5yo and her jaw dropped when she saw your craft space! Now I have to clean mine and set up space for her like yours, thanks alot, ugh, LOL!!

    I LOVE the title of "I found this in my craftroom", ROFL!! Too stinkin funny!

    My dd would love the chance to win the puppet kit, thanks for the chance :D

    and btw, OMG on that tower of carts!!

  8. OMG! I would LOVE to have a craft room like that! My girls are all about being crafty and I just need mroe space! I was laughing at the cartridge tower, pretty amazing! Have fun selling all of those!

    The bad mommy ticket? OMG! LOL! That is hilarious!

  9. Hi Jin! Love your blog you have the best stuff!! I am giving you an award please come to my blog to get it.

  10. Love your room!!!! I want one just like it! hehehe! And holy moly cartridges!!! I need a tower like that too! Thanks so much! My son would love these puppets!

  11. Love love your room how can you not be creative in there. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us and the carts I just have to say WOW!!

  12. Wow I love your craft room, what a great bright space to work! Your daughters are very talented artists, those should be framed! Good luck selling all those carts!


  13. What a big, bright and colorful room! Green with envy. I DO have a space in the basement that I am grateful for...but how delightful it would be to have windows to look out... For ideas for your girls for this summer, have you checked out "Skip to My Lou"? LOTS of fun ideas! Have a GREAT summer, Jin!

  14. wow you're lucky to have such a beautiful craft space!!
    sweetlilscrapper at hotmail dot ca

  15. What a great room! It is so much fun to do "projects" with my daughter. What a cute giveaway!


  16. What an awesome find:) My kids would love it. Thanks for the giveaway:)
    Pauline at tinkertoys dot net

  17. Love the chicken legs on the kid's craft table. So funny. Your work is truly amazing and inspiring! So glad I found your blog.


  18. I told my hubs I really need to re-vamp my studio....
    I want new cabinets and th works..LOL. He actually upped the house insurance when he saw how extensive my craft supplies have grown in the last 5-6 yrs. LOL

  19. Wow, quite the cart collection there! I bought mtc the same day I got my cricut last xmas & have never bought a cart, I only have the 2 that came with it, lol. I love your craftroom. My office/craftroom is maybe a quarter that size, would love a space that large!
    I'm so excited about the new LD simple shapes sets, can hardly wait til they are released!
    Looking forward to the blog hop this weekend.
    Thanks so much for sharing all you do with us and for the chance to win the cute puppets set, my grandkids would love that!!

    aerynx at gmail dot com

  20. Your craft room is absolutely AWESOME!! What lucky kids to have a mom that includes them in such a fun activity, already they look quite artistic!! =)

  21. Great craft room. It looks like a very warm and inviting space for you and the kids. Mine is a little messy too right now, so I feel your pain...

  22. Wow, awesome room. I want one decorated just like it!!!!!!!!!!! TFS