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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LD Two for Tuesday: Bento Box+Oishii SVG bundle. $2 ONLY!!

If you have been waiting to get the Bento Box and Oishii SVGs, there is no time better than now. The bundle is on sale for $2 ONLY! Imagine that! Two BUCKS! You can't even get a Happy Meal for that. :P

Click here or the image above to get your deal. $2 for a lot of Happy! :-D

p.s. Don't forget that the Something Fishy deal is only available until midnight tonight. Get the Something Fishy Collection (Paper, Alphabet, Graphic)  or Something Fishy SVG set for only $2 each! Just click on the image below to grab your deal!


  1. hi jin,
    i just bought a sillouhette and am wondering is there a print and cut ability with the lettering delights? Do I just buy both svg and graphic of the same?
    I'm buying thru your link
    ps I use scal
    Big hugs,
    k andrew

  2. Never mind--ah! I just realized Ican use my jpg feature and it works beautifully with these--woohoo!