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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun with Cut Its Simple Shapes

Monsters, cut with Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD.

I really think that it is wrong to call the new Lettering Delights' 50-set Cut It Super Bundle "Simple Shapes". To many people, "simple shapes" mean circles and rectangles, which doesn't sound very exciting, does it? But that's how LD is, they are so modest that they would rather downplay the true awesome-ness of these sets than to call it the Lettering Delights' So-Fricking-AWESOME-You-Must-Have-It 50-Set Bundle

Single-Layer? Yes. Simple shapes? No way!

Have you seen the images that are in the Cut It bundle? If not, click here to take a look and you will see what I mean about the not-so-simple shapes. There are dolls and butterflies and buildings and animals and monsters and aliens and musical instruments and.....need I go on?

Coffee or Tea SVG
There are so many uses for these sets it's ridiculous. Sure, multiple layers are nice and sophisticated but don't discount the value of these single-layers. I love how easy it is to use these "simple shapes" for home decor projects. Especially those that involves vinyl like glass-etching, t-shirt decorating with heat transfer vinyl, and even wall decor. Whether the vinyl is used to decorate tiles or for stenciling, these single-layer cuts are perfect. 

Circular text made with Make-the-Cut

I love to make cards but with the kids being on summer break and demanding constant attention, I thought that I'll have to forget about crafting until they go back to school. Most SVGs have multi-layers and take time to cut and assemble. Unless the hubby is watching the kids, it's going to be tough to find time to play. I couldn't have been more thankful with the timing of this release. The single-layered files make card-making a breeze. I can make a card with these Simple Shapes in mere minutes! My kids love to watch How It's Made on the Science Channel. I could be done with a card before an episode ends!

Cut with Make-the-Cut and the Silhouette SD
The 50-set Cut It Simple Shapes bundle includes over 750 images in 50 themes. I am amazed that the people at LD has covered so many themes in a single bundle. From Art to Music to Sewing to Easter and Halloween and Christmas, the bundle covers them all. It is even more amazing that they are offering it at a crazy low price of $49. That's less than a dollar a set or around 6 cents an image! If you have a coupon from a previous purchase (check your email confirmation), that'll bring the price even lower!! If you do not have a coupon, no worries. Just click here to go to the LD site and make a small purchase. You will get a coupon in your email confirmation. Once you have your coupon, click here to grab your not-so-simple Cut It Simple Shapes Super Bundle. This offer will end in 2 weeks so hurry and grab it now.

UPDATE: Even though the $49 offer has expired, you can still get the SVG-only bundle for the same price. It will not include the other formats that are included in the Cut Its version. Click HERE to get it.


  1. Nice projects you have made!

  2. I love your coffee break card and the latte on that stone looks amazing and flawless! What great ideas. I need to look at these new shapes... can we buy single sets rather than the whole bundle? I guess I should peek at the site :) ...


  3. Here is my guess: You used 6 Cut Its Sets ( Asia, Coffee or Tea, Monsters, Quirky Trees, Rockstar, and Seamstress) and 1 Font (LD Kraken.... I think :)

    I tried to post on FB, but I kept getting an error!!! Grrrr

    Thanks for all of your fabulous inspiration!!
    Susan Chong

  4. Fantastic projects, I especially love the coffee one. Love the sets available from LD, I just recently made my first order with them, LOVE their designs! :)
    Hugs, Christine