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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From Owl Box to Owl Card

If you think that you've seen these owls before, well, you kinda did. In fact, you may even have the SVG.

Remember my Animal Valentines post? I modified that same Lettering Delights SVG set and transformed the owl bag into an owl card.

Using Make-the-Cut, I made some adjustments to the svg so that a card base for the owl is formed. I even made a wing pop out!

If you would like to know how to do this, check back later and I will have a tutorial up for you. 

See you later! :-)


  1. Very cute! I was wondering if those animals could be used for something other than a bag, they are so sweet! And I like that your banner has been changed to your silhouette machine :)


  2. GREAT!!! I have the files here so i must try also this......

  3. Great idea!! I made some of the boxes a while ago, but even like these more! Thanks for sharing!
    Bye, Anne-Marie

  4. These are so CUTE!!! I Just <3 owls :-)