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Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming Soon: LD in Multiple Cutting Formats

OMG! OMG!! I can finally let the cat out of the bag!!! I have been keeping a big secret and I can finally LET. IT. OUT. !!!

**deep breath**

**breathe out**

Okay, people, you asked for it and Lettering Delights has heard you! The people at LD has been working hard the last couple of months to bring you LD cut files in MULTIPLE FORMATS! YAY!!

The files will come in .svg, .eps, .ai, and likely in another 1 or 2 formats. I'm not sure that I'm allowed to say now what they will be but I can tell you that they will be something super cool and you will LOVE it. :-D

To kick off this new product, Lettering Delights will be offering a super special bundle of all the first 50 sets for one low price of $49!! This is such a SUPER AWESOME DEAL for a BRAND NEW product!! FIFTY SETS! Did I say that loud enough? FIFTY SETS for 49 bucks!! Seriously, that's less than a buck per set and with a total of over 780 images for the whole bundle, the cost per image is like just over 6cents each! That's nuts!

Here are the details of the deal in LD's own words. Check out the preview of some of the sets and tell me what you think!


  1. I just got my Silhouette and haven't played with it much - but these look really great! This is comparable to the designs that the Cricuts cut, right? As a teacher, basic alphabets would be great too!

  2. Holy moley, what a great deal! When I saw the title "Simple Shapes", I was thinking they would be boring. Happily, I was wrong. There are some seriously useful shapes in that preview. I'll be putting this in my cart the minute they are released.

  3. Oh my god i can't sleep this week!!! I think I will love this new shapes they looks very good.
    Greets Sabina

  4. I love those simple shapes sets! Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry or too scared to mess with all of the layers, you know? Awesome news about the formats too, even though I'm mainly an SVG gal, who knows what the future will bring?

  5. What CUTE files!!! I can't wait until they're released...and to see what great ideas you have with them! :)

  6. I will only say "it's about time!" - as I have been working with the Print&cut feature of the Silhouette since it's been available (4 years now?

    I like the sets considered - I prefer single or double cardstock color changes over the complex stuff - and these are perfect. Thank you.

  7. An additional thought:
    I think maybe some more time (repeated tutorials and ideas) should be dedicated to the Print&Cut feature of Silhouette, because ANY and ALL of the LD sets can be used that way. Any LD image could be turned into a 3-D embellishment by selectively choosing the "cut lines". What do you say?