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Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook! A Question, and A Video

"So are you ready?"

We're now just five days away from Christmas and my answer to the question was supposed to be a big, and loud "YES!". The truth is, I'm really not. I was supposed to work on getting ready for Christmas this past weekend and instead I made a Facebook page.

That's right, this blog now has a page on Facebook! Yay!! The page is brand new and I'm working on getting more photos and content in there. See that "Like" button on the top right of this screen? Click on it if you don't want to miss out on the juicy tidbits that I'll be posting there. Do you want to know what I'm working on at the moment? Click on the "Like" button and you can find out the next time you are visiting Facebook. That page is also where I will be adding photos that were not published on this blog. I may also post tips and tricks on using Lettering Delights' products or Make-the-Cut with the Cricut machine. It will also serve as an alternative place for you to ask me a question. Content that is too short to be put into a blog post will also make its way to the Facebook page. So go ahead and click on that "Like" button now. I would love to see you over there. Don't forget to say "Hi." when you get there. :-)


I have been receiving questions through the Contact Me email form and I try my best to reply to them. However, sometimes my replies never make it back to the person who asked the question, like in the case of Brenda.

Brenda, if you are reading this post, please know that I tried to reply to your question but my email was rejected. There are 4 files that are available for download in this post: 1 pdf file for the gum box, 1 SVG file for the gum box, 1 pdf file for the 3d stars, and 1 zipped file that contains 3 SVG files for 3 different styles of 3d stars. Make sure that you are downloading and opening the correct format. Each pdf file will show you how the templates look like while the SVG files are for use with MTC or SCAL and is to be used for cutting with your cutting machine.

If you are having trouble opening the pdf file, try deleting and re-downloading it. If it still does not open, you might want to consider using the Foxit Reader to read the pdf file instead. You can download a free copy of Foxit Reader at this link.


Have you downloaded the new MTC v3.2? I did last Friday and it made my Cricut Expression cut like a speed demon. Don't believe me? Well, you can see it in action here:


  1. I would love to get MTC. But I checked it out and they don't have a version for Mac. Since I don't want to get the software to be able to run windows stuff on my Mac, I am out of luck until they make a Mac version. Until then I will keep using SCAL and hope they come out with an update similar to the MTC.

  2. Hi Jin;

    Please do not read this comment with a negative tone, because I'm not intending it that way... I'm just wondering why Facebook and why post things there that won't be posted on your blog? I LOVE your blog but I really don't want to join Facebook, yet now I feel that I'll be missing out if I don't. I used to belong to Facebook, but for many reasons I left and I really don't want to join again... but I don't want to miss out on your stuff either... oh such a dilema...


  3. Oh Kim! I totally understand your hesitation! I have a personal page on FB too and I get why you wouldn't want to join back. Don't worry about missing out because I will still continue to post on this blog. The FB page is just a place for me to post the little stuff that doesn't have enough content for me to make my usual long blog post. There are many times when I have something to tell you all but it is too trivial to have a blog post for it so I thought that the best way to tell everyone is through FB. Also, I don't usually make blog posts on the weekends but I will likely post little snippets of what I'm doing during that time. It is just another way that I will be keeping in touch with everyone when I am not blogging. You will not be missing out on the long tutorials and such because this blog will continue to be my primary platform for sharing my projects. I hope that makes you feel better. :-)


  4. "MTC is Cricut crack." LOL Too funny! (but true!)

    Love your blog, Jin,, and I just "liked" you on FB!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I've NEVER seen it cut that fast with MTC! I have downloaded v3.2 but haven't cut with it yet- can't wait to see it!

  6. Thanks, jayma! See you over at FB! :-)

  7. cfine, you have to cut with v3.2 to see the speed for yourself. It's crazy fast. I never knew that the Cricut can cut like that. If you have the E, make sure that the firmware is v2.34.

  8. Jin,

    You were so sweet with your reply to me about Facebook. I just might have to join under a different name or make my husband join so I can check out what I might be missing! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Merry Christmas to you too, Kim! Hope to see you on FB. :-)